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DeWitt Colony Ladies are animated by love of adventure, desire for wealth or fame....female pioneers are sustained alone by the strength of their devotion to others.--Adele Briscoe Looscan

The men of Texas deserved much credit, but more was due the women. Armed men facing a foe could not but be brave; but the women, with their little children around them, without means of defence or power to resist, faced danger and death with unflinching courage---Thomas Rusk

The younger and stouter women would take the feeble ones on their backs and shoulders and wade through the water to dry land, set them down, and then go back for another load, and continued until all were over. There is no one who can do justice to the women at that time. God bless the women of Texas!--S.F. Sparks

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Sarah Ashby McClure BrachesElizabeth Billings KentElsey Mae Billings ZumwaltRebecca Billings KentMahala Burkett Steen

Sarah Ann Burket GreenRosanna Cato TravisCatherine Clark McCoyEliza Jane Davis McCoyBathsheba Gipson Bennet

Isabella Hidalgo Gonzales WoodsMary Ann Elizabeth Hinch SmothersEaditha Hodges DikesNancy Ann Howell Brown IrvineLouisa Kent Billings

Mary Ann Kent ByasMargaret Kerr Jones BrownMartha Robertson WrightSara Seely DeWittRosalia von Roeder Kleberg

Nancy Willis TinsleyElizabeth Zumwalt MitchellAdaline or Caroline ZumwaltCelia Davis ZumwaltLucinda L. Zumwalt Love Atkinson Kennedy

Anise | Rachel Carpenter Sowell Nichols | Sarah Creath McSherry Hibbins Stinnet Howard
Eliza DeWitt Hamilton Davis Hardeman | Evangeline DeWitt Mason
Minerva DeWitt Jones | Naomi DeWitt Matthews | Margaret P. Leatherbury Hallett
Hepzibeth Luker Taylor Dowlearn | Sarah Jane Newman (Sally Skull) | Diana Wilkerson White Tumlinson | Mary Ann Zumwalt Burket

The DeWitt Colony Alamo Widows & Mothers

"Not less than twenty women, with young and helpless children, were made widows......In short, there was not a family in the once happy and flourishing settlement of Gonzales, that did not mourn the death of some murdered relative. For several hours after the receipt of the intelligence, not a sound was heard, save the wild shrieks of the women, and the heart rending screams of the fatherless the public and private grief was alike heavy, and sunk deep into the heart of the rudest soldier--Capt. Sharpe to Author Henry Foote

Esther Berry House Floyd ClarkSusannah Wilkerson Dickinson

Nancy Curtis Cottle | Margaret C. Hughes Darst | Rebecca Warfield Gaston Miller Davis
Elizabeth Dearduff George | Louisa Cottle Jackson | Sidney Gaston Kellogg
Elizabeth Zumwalt Kent | Prudence Nash Kimble |Parmelia Parchman King
| Mary Elizabeth Hall Lindley | Kitty McCoy | Martha Dunbar McCoy
Mary Millsaps | Frances Menefee Sutherland | Patsy Stigall Wright


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