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ALAMO RELIEF FORCE FROM GONZALES---Interested in references, information from descendants and genealogies of all members of the Gonzales relief force who entered the Alamo 1 Mar 1836 most of whom were Gonzales residents and members of the Gonzales Ranging Company of Volunteers. Particularly interested in the following for which I have little information:
Isaac G. BAKER, 21, born 15 Sep 1814 in AR; John CAIN, 34, born in PA; Squire DAMON, 28, was from TN; John DAVIS, 25, born in 1811 in KY; William FITZBAUGH; John FLANDERS, 36, born 1800 in NH or MA; George NEGGAN, 28, born 1808 in SC; William E. SUMMERS, 24, born 1812 in TN; Robert WHITE, 30, born 1806
Jan. 2004 Wallace L. McKeehan, 4401 Betty St., Bellaire, TX 77401

BANTA/PARK---Is this Kitty Banta?   Kitty Banta Park was the fifth daughter of Captain William Banta's family of fourteen children.  She was the mother of L.G. Park who in 1933 was responsible for reprinting the book first published in 1893:  Banta, Captain William & J.W. Caldwell, Jr. Twenty-seven Years on the Texas Frontier. 1893. Revised by L.G. Park, Council Hill, OK, 1933.   Kitty's brother, Wilson P. Banta is the grandfather of Polly Barringer and I.  I obtained some Banta family pictures from an aunt in 1982 and we suspect that the one at left is Kitty Banta.   I am interested in contact with descendants of Kitty Banta Park, her sons L. G. and C.H. Park who might be able to identify her and others in the collection.  2002.  Jerri Hanson, 2212 S. 4th Street Lamesa, Texas 79331.



BRACKEN.  I am researching the slaves of James Kerr and their parental connection to neighboring land owner William Bracken. Further study of the handwritten entries of black servants in the James Kerr Bible might prove of value. The last known location for the Bible is noted as follows: “This bible is now in the possession of Major General James Kerr Crain, Retired, at the above address [5612 Woodway, Washington 16, DC, July 24, 1957].”  If you have information about this Bible, please contact:  Cheryl McMullen, 120 West Grand, Yoakum, TX 77995.

BRYANT.  I am seeking a picture of my ggg grandfather Benjamin Franklin Bryant, born 1800 in Georgia married Roxanna Price.  Bryant fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.  Nov. 2003.  Ivy in Arizona

BURKET-KENT-ZUMWALT---Seeking all information on history and interaction of the following six related families during development of the Texas Republic who came to the DeWitt Colony in 1828-1829 from Missouri: John William (1774-1833) and Catherine McClure (1776-1833) BURKET; David (1798-1845) and Mary Ann ZUMWALT (1800-1887) BURKET; Abraham (abt 1787-abt 1847) and Phoebe BURKET (abt 1811-abt 1900) ZUMWALT; (Black) Adam (1795-1872) and Jane Strain KENT (1801-1865) ZUMWALT; (Red) Adam (1790-1853) and Nancy Elizabeth Caton (1795-1886) ZUMWALT; and Andrew Jackson (1791-1836) and Elizabeth ZUMWALT (1798-abt 1844) KENT.  Jan. 2004.  Wallace L. McKeehan, 4401 Betty St., Bellaire, TX 77401

CAGE---I believe that the "B.F. Cage" listed 2nd Regiment, 4th Infantry, Battle of San Jacinto-21-April-1836 is my gggggrandfather, Benjamin Cage, Sr. I am hoping you may be able to direct me to resources that would help me verify that he is my ancestor. Information from "Blanco County Families- The First 100 Years" says Benjamin Cage, Sr. was born 1814 in TN. He came to TX. ca 1830 where he settled in DeWittCo. He acquired a large plantation and a large number of slaves. He sold the plantation in DeWittCo after the Civil War, and moved to Blanco County, where he lived until his death in 1887. His first wife was Mary Stewart. She was the mother of the first two children. Mary died in 1851 and is buried in Clinton, DeWitt County. Benjamin Cage Sr. married second, Elizabeth Nancy Grier, daughter of Eli and Maria Grier. Elizabeth died in 1903 and is also buried in Blanco Cemetery, Blanco Co., TX. 2005 Robin Webb-Lucas Luling, TX. 

From the Louis W. Kemp Biographies of San Jacinto veterans, a Captain B. F. Cage that was killed in action against hostile Indians on 20 Oct 1838 on Leon Creek near San Antonio is also a candidate for the veteran.  He and other volunteers were buried in a single grave just outside of the Catholic cemetary near the present Milam Square in San Antonio---WLM 2005

Update from a 3rd great granddaughter Lynda P Lehmann-French (October 11, 2013): Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr, my 3rd great grandfather, was born on June 8, 1814 in Sumner County, Tennessee (son of unmarried Rebecca Elizabeth “Eliza” Winchester (1793-1859) who was first born child of Col. Stephen Winchester & Sarah “Sally” Howard) and at birth she named him “Trophonius James Cage Winchester”(I have a certified copy of this name change court record from Tennessee archives from Nov 1819). His Cage bio father is not absolutely known/proven. His mother, Rebecca Elizabeth “Eliza” Winchester married Abraham Oscar Beck Sr on 18 May 1815 in Stokes County (now Forsythe County), North Carolina. In November 1819, Rebecca Elizabeth Winchester (Beck) had her son’s name changed in the Sumner County, Tennessee courts from “Trophonius James Cage Winchester” to “Benjamin Franklin Cage”. All records indicate that Benjamin Franklin Cage (pka Trophonius James Cage Winchester) was raised by Jesse Cage (son of Colonial Soldier Benjamin Cage who died in 1791-proven by his will listing 5 children including Jesse Cage) and wife Ann Davis (who married in 23 August 1814 in Charlotte, Prince Edward, Virginia) when Benjamin Franklin Cage was 2 months old. Benjamin Cage (Col Soldier who died in 1791 in Charlotte and father to Jesse Cage who married Ann Davis) is believed by some historians to be descended from Edward Cage line and was a son of William Cage & Margaret Wilson.
     In any case, Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr’s bio father or adoptive father was Jesse Cage who later married Ann Davis when Benjamin was 2 months old. My research indicates that James Cage (son of William Cage whom never married but has documented illegitimate children later in life in Louisiana by at least two different mothers) may have been Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr’s bio father, but was raised by Jesse Cage (who died in 1845 in Sumter county, Alabama) & Ann Davis (assumed deceased prior to 1845) – another possibility. This possibility is purely an assumption on my part due to Benjamin’s birthname: Trophonius James Cage Winchester and proven knowledge that James Cage never officially married, but had several documented illegitimate children much later in life in Louisiana that were minors and named in his estate will.
     What is certain, is that Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr. was a cousin to Col. John Coffee “Jack” Hays (son of Herman Archilbald Hays & Elizabeth “Betsy” Cage, who was daughter of Maj. William Cage (1745-1811) and Nancy Ann Thankful Hall-Morgan-Cage) and Benjamin Franklin Cage attended the wedding of his cousin’s marriage to Betsy Cage in Sequin, Texas in 1847. He is mentioned in other writings as being a cousin to Jack Coffee Hays. So, it is a proven fact proven fact that Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr is a descendent of this Edward Cage line documented by historians.
Census records for Abraham Oscar Beck & Eliza Winchester-Beck indicate they did not have Benjamin Franklin Cage living in their household after they married in 1815, so it is assumed that Rebecca Elizabeth “Eliza” Winchester relinquished Benjamin Franklin Cage to be raised by his Cage family either at birth or no later than November 1819 after he was born in 1814.
     Jesse Cage’s Will (1845 in Sumter County, Alabama) mentions the following children (Ann Davis-Cage must have predeceased him, as she is not mentioned in his will): Joseph, John, Benjamin, James, Susan Cage, and Martha Bond (Rond?). Jesse Cage’s father (Col. Soldier Benjamin Cage) in 1791 lists the following children: Margaret Cage, Fielder Cage, John M Cage, Elizabeth Cage, and Jesse Cage (note: this being the Jesse Cage who married Ann Davis) - Benjamin Cage (died 1791) and his wife must have also predeceased him, as the mother of the children is not mentioned and historians have not been able to prove Col Soldier Benjamin Cage’s parents or wife by name.
     Proven Facts Summary for Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr (1814-1887):
• Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr (1814-1887) was the son of Rebecca Elizabeth Winchester & unproven Cage father was born in Sumner County, Tennessee June 8, 1814 (in Cage’s Bend). His birthname was Trophonius James Cage Winchester; name changed by his estranged mother Rebecca Elizabeth “Eliza” Winchester to Benjamin Franklin Cage in November 1819 (via Sumner County, TN court)
• Fought for the Republic of Texas, arriving in the Republic of Texas ca 1832 and received land grants for his service. Was mistakenly reported killed in Battle of Leon in 1838 when he was actually badly wounded and returned to Wharton to recoup and then returned to fight many battles after that. Sadly, the monument in Milam Square in San Antonio, Texas still has Benjamin Franklin Cage as killed in 1838 in Leon and buried in a mass grave! Recently the San Jacinto Museum website has acknowledged that Benjamin did not die in 1838 and has updated bio somewhat to reflect he died in 1887 verus 1838 but left the original incorrect bio still posted. This many years later, we still have been unable to get these gross errors completely corrected and set the history straight.
• Benjamin’s estranged mother, Rebecca Eliza Winchester-Beck and her Beck son’s ended up with Benjamin’s Republic of Texas land holdings and selling it to Joshiah Brown which is now Kerrville, Texas (land still referred to as B. F. Cage Survey and the courthouse that Joshiah donated still stands). The Beck’s swore in statements that Benjamin was killed in 1838 and that Rebecca (his mother) was the only surviving heir and she turned it over to her Beck son who then sold to Joshiah Brown. Family stories are that Benjamin learned of this and was furious but the damage was already done. I personally have all these court records and a number of newspaper clippings on this unfortunate occurance.
• First married: Mary Ann Cayce-Baker (widow of Daniel Davis Dee Baker and a daughter of Maj. Thomas Dodson Cayce & Ada Hannah Stanley) (I have certified copy of this license) and she is my 3rd great grandmother on March 2, 1846. Mary married 1st to D. Davis D. Baker on March 4, 1837 in Matagorda County, Texas and had three Davis children before she married Benjamin: Julia Ann Baker, D. Davis D. Baker Jr, and Ellen Emily Baker. D. Davis D. Baker, Sr. was shot/killed in an affray by W. J. Maynard on Mary 3, 1843, leaving Mary Ann Cayce-Baker a widow with 3 children. She then married my 3rd great grandfather in 1846. Mary Ann and Benjamin had two children before she died on June 10, 1850 in Matagorda, Brazoria County, Texas. Benjamin Cage is living next to Mary’s CAYCE family in 1850 after married died in the 1850 Census with his 3 Baker step-children and their two Cage children: Sarah “Sallie” Jane Cage (born 04 Feb 1847) and Thomas Jesse Cage (born 02 Mar 1849). Sarah Jane Cage (1847-1914) married Jesse Thomas Teas and they are my 2nd great grandparents (both buried in the Teas family cemetery outside Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas). Thomas Jesse Cage (1849-1929) first married: Agnes Andrewnette "Nettie" Wright and had 9 children before Nettie died in 1894; 2nd married: Martha Almira "Mattie" West Nov. 6, 1895 (a daughter of Peter Lawley West and Virena Clementine Gill-West who are my 2nd great grandparents on my West line) and they had one son via this 2nd marriage: Carlton “Carl” Donaldson Cage.  [Note: Some family records have incorrectly stated that he first married a Mary Stewart. Historical confusion may be due to D. Davis D. Baker and Mary Ann Cayce’s daughter marring a John R Stewart. Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr never married a Mary Stewart]
• Second married: Elizabeth Nancey Bethia Grier (daughter of Elija “Eli” Greir & Mariah (Maria) Stubbs) on April 6, 1851 in Wharton, Texas and they had four children: Philemon "Philip" Petty Cage, Benjamin Franklin Cage Jr, Thadeus "Thad" Eli Cage, William James Jackson "Jack" Cage. I have copy of Nancey’s Obituary stating she received a Florida of War widow’s pension on Benjamin Franklin Cage’s service.
• Benjamin Franklin Cage Sr died November 19, 1887 and is buried in Blanco (Blanco County) Texas Cemetery next to his 2nd wife.

CHAMBLEE---Amanda Doolittle is listed in the 1860 census of GonzalesCo, TX with Sanford H. Chamblee whom she married in Gonzales, May 2 1860 per records. Amanda was the daughter of Berry and Susan Ann Blair Doolittle of DeWitt Co, TX.  Sanford H. Chamblee previously had children with Susan Masters of DeKalbCo, AL.  After the marriage with Amanda, Sanford went on to marry Martha C. Bond and live in San AugustineCo, TX according to regional records.  Sanford enlisted in the Civil War from GA, not TX, but returned to TX after his medical discharge in May 1862.  Amanda married Samuel Stevens according to court records, Feb 4 1864, Gonzales Co, TX.  Amanda and Samuel Stevens moved to DeWittCo and appear in the 1880 census there.  There location in the 1870 census is unknown.  Would like to have new information and am willing to share information about Sanford H. Chamblee, born in South Carolina.  D'Ann Stoddard, Chamlee & Chamblee Family Network.

COTTLE---Isaac and Jonathan Cottle were sons of Syvanus and Louisa Powers Cottle of MO. Isaac Cottle married Mary Ann Williams. Before coming to TX, he placed a notice in an MO newspaper announcing that he would not be responsible for his wife's debts since she had left his bed and board. However, they came to TX where he put his land in his wife's maiden name, "not by any duress, but for the great love I have for my wife and children." Mary Ann Williams was not only the sister of an Allam (Allumbe) B. Williams, but also daughter of Allumbe Williams, father to both of them. She also had brothers Jobe, John, James, Levi, Leven and Joshua, and sisters Sarah and Elizabeth. Isaac and Mary Ann Cottle had at least four daughters and one son. Olivia married H.H. Brockman; Delilah married John Z. Headstream; Eliza m. George Washington Cottle (her cousin), then James Gibson, third James Bird, and fourth John Z. Headstream; and son Lorenzo D. Cottle. Isaac left his family in TX and returned to MO where he died about 1835. Wife Mary Ann Williams Cottle died in Beaumont in 1840. Jonathan and Margaret Cottle came to TX from MO in 1829 with three children, George Washington (m. cousin Eliza Cottle), Louisa (m. Thomas J. Jackson who died in the Alamo, then James B. Hinds) and Almond Cottle (b. Lincoln Co, MO), who never married and died in 1840. Almond Cottle was syndico procurador of the Gonzales Ayuntamiento of 1833. Jonathan Cottle died in Columbia, Brazoria Co in 1837. Aurale Huff and extract of "Family 134", p. 263 by June Short Chalon in Gonzales County History (Gonzales County Historical Commission).

DAVIS, JOHN.  I am interested in the John Davis who died at the Alamo.  I have been researching some early Davis ancestors who were in Gonzales County in the 1840s. I have a Rollo Davis, born 1812, Kentucky, in Gonzales County by April 27, 1846, as he married a Rachael Clements.  Rachael is somehow connected to the "J.D. Clements" referred to in several Gonzales County documents.  Rachael evidently died not long after the marriage, as Rollo Davis marries a (Mrs) Margaret Baker Nicholas, July 7, 1847.   Rollo and Margaret Davis are in the 1850 Gonzales County Census with children using three different last names: Clements, Nicholas, and Davis.   Family stories I have been gathering from various "cousins" say that a relative of Amanda Davis Gaston (daughter of Rollo and Margaret Davis) was killed at the Alamo.  Some refer to this person as an "uncle" and others as a "cousin."  The last reference handed down from her great-grandmother, Parizade Davis Kellogg (older sister of Amanda) named the relative as John Davis.  Sylvia Wilson Dallas, Texas

SW:  See the biography on the DeWitt Colony Moses Baker family for Baker, Clements, Davis and Nichols connections.  Gonzales Relief force member and Alamo Defender, Isaac Baker, was an uncle of Amanda Davis Gaston above.  Both a John Gaston and John Kellogg were with the group and died in the Alamo as well--WLM

DESPAIN, RANDOLPH.  I'm doing research on Randolph DeSpain and his family. He was a part of Grant's Command at Goliad and was killed there.  In addition, as a member of the George Washington Stell Chapter of the DRT, I'm doing a program this spring on Goliad. I'd like to have infomation on Randolph DeSpain to add to this report since his family was from Hopkins county which is next to Lamar County where I live. I know his family received a land grant.  2004, Dianne Erwin, 3810 Askins Lane, Paris, TX 75462

DEWITT.  My Great Grandfather, Joseph Ralph DeWitt, founded San Angelo in the 1870s and named it after his wife, Angela (men in the town changed the name to  the more masculine "Angelo") Garza, a descendent of the Canary Islanders' founding San Antonio.  I understand that Joseph Ralph DeWitt was from Baltimore or Pennsylvania.  Do you know of any relationship between this family and Greene DeWitt.... referred to in your website?  Thanks for your thoughts and your website. 2003.  Robert A. DeWitt

Unfortunately, there are large gaps in details about Empresario Green DeWitt's extended family and background other than his public service records in Missouri where he was a resident before coming to Texas.  His parents are not certain and his exact place of birth in Kentucky unclear.  Most articles including the Handbook of Texas on founding of San Angelo contend the city was named by a Bartholomew (Bart) J. DeWitt after either his wife Carolina Angela, or his sister in law who was a nun.  DeWitt's original trading post was named Santa Angela. Application was made for a post office with name San Angela, accepted instead as San Angelo based on grammatical reasons. According to Chabot, The Makers of San Antonio and public records, Carolina (de la Garza) DeWitt was a descendant of the original San Antonio Canary Islanders.  Bart DeWitt's parents were William DeWitt and Catherine McCaffery and he was born 1825 in Maryland.  The couple had children named Joseph, Bart Joseph, Blake, Catherine and Caroline.---WLM

DeWITT & MASON.  Very much interested in hearing from anyone who is descended from, related to (or just has additional info about) Green DeWitt & Sarah Seely and Charles Mason & Eveline DeWitt; they are my 4th and 3rd Great-Grandparents, respectively. Through this wonderful web-site, as well as terrific book called "The Gonzales Connection: The History and Genealogy of the DeWitt & Jones Families, I've discovered quite a bit; but I'm having some difficulty filling in some information gaps between Charles Mason and my Grandfather, David DeWitt Mason.  William D. Harrison 2005

DILLARD, ABRAHAM.  Abraham Dillard, the husband of Sarah Clifton Kent, is said to have been born in Wythe Co., VA in 1801 "according to Bible records".   Do you know where I can find a copy of this Bible or who might be in possession of it?  James Dillard and Margery "Majer" Cole were Abraham Dillard's parents and also the parents of Joseph Dillard.  I am trying to find information on James Dillard's parents and siblings.  Debbie Dillard

FISHER, SAMUEL RHOADS.  I am researching the history of the Texas Navy.   Interested in finding some additional information on Samuel Rhoads Fisher, particular the speeches or testimony given by Rusk, Wharton and others during the trial of Fisher in the Texas Senate in November 1837.  Jonathan W. Jordan, Atlanta, Georgia

GLANTON, JOHN JOEL---Searching for the parents and background of John Joel Glanton, born 1819, in Edgefield, SC. The 1800 Federal Census shows a John Glanton there, age 26-45, with wife 26-45, no children which could be his father.  The 1820 census shows no family of that name.  A source indicates John Joel was living with his parents in Gonzales in 1835, but I have not been able to identify a family of that name in Gonzales at that time.  John Joel went to Bexar in October, 1835, at age 16, to participate in the siege and battle of Bexar. He was a free scout later with Fannin, and somehow escaped the Goliad Massacre.  I know more details of his life, but need to identify his parents.  I am researching all South Carolinians who participated in the Texas Revolution.   Donald Skinner  

LOWRANCE/LAWRANCE---Abel Shelby Lowrance, b. c. 1820, TN, d. 1887, DeWittCo, TX, married August 05, 1841, in Monroe Co., MS, Susannah Angeline Mayfield b. April 20, 1813, (probably) Maury Co., TN, d. 1900, DeWitt, TX.  Children from census and cemetery markers were Alfred Riley Lowrance; Wesley Logan Lowrance b. July 16, 1844, Prob. MonroeCo, MS, d. September 09, 1925, DeWittCo., TX; Sarah E. Lowrance b. April 12, 1846, MonroeCo., MS, d. February 15, 1902, DeWittCo., TX, married a Morgan; Parnelle A. Lowrance b. August 15, 1849, ItawambaC., MS, d. July 30, 1931, DeWittCo., TX, married a Boothe.  Any assistance on this family is welcome.  Gracie Mayfield Morlino, Carrollton, MS, 2004.

LOCKHART, ANDREW---Andrew Lockhart, brother of well-known surveyors of the DeWitt Colony, Byrd and Charles Lockhart, was born in Hampshire, VA abt 1781. He is the son of Bird and Sarah Lockhart Sr. of VA. Some sources indicate that he was the son of James and Rachel Totten Lockhart of TarwellCo, PA who moved to VA and then to MO with children Byrd, Andrew, Sam, Charles, Drusilla, Margaret, Mary and Nancy (LDS Records and History of Gonzales County). Bird Lockhart Sr. moved his large family from VA to OH where Andrew married Esther Briggs in WashingtonCo. The family appears on the WashingtonCo, OH census of 1810. Andrew Lockhart appears on the War of 1812 muster rolls of Capt. William Jones' Company of Illinois Volunteer Infantry. A copy of his enlistment shows that he served from March 9, 1813 as a private and on the roll of 9 Jun 1813 he was serving as fourth corporal. Andrew Lockhart is listed in the Illinois Territorial census of 1818, the MadisonCo, IL census of 1818 (with 13 family members) and the 1820 Illinois census (Andre Lockhart). A letter from Catherine Wise Barton Lockhart (sister-in-law to Andrew Lockhart) sent to her mother, Elizabeth Barton in Ohio, reveals that the Lockharts came to Texas from Missouri by land on a journey from August through March. Andrew and families of siblings Sam, Charles, Drusilla and Margaret joined brother Byrd Lockhart Jr. in the DeWitt Colony in 1829 and 1830. Andrew Lockhart’s application for land grant title indicates the family of nine arrived 25 March 1829. Five children in Texas have been accounted for: Sarah Elvira married Jasper L. Gilbert; Drusilla Malinda married first William P. Patterson, second W. Templeton; Matilda; John B.; and Washington. Andrew Lockhart died in 1846 DewittCo, TX. His will left land to Drusilla Malinda Patterson and Sarah Elvira Gilbert. Matilda Lockhart is a subject of an infamous episode of DeWitt Colony's encounters with Comanches. In her early teens, she was kidnapped in 1838 in a raid along with the Putman children while gathering pecans. She was released by Comanches in the famed Council House Fight in San Antonio in 1840 and soon after died of pneumonia. Carla Ratcliff [See Andrew Lockhart's will, proved Oct 1846; 1840 GonzalesCo Probate Doc; Lockhart Family Land Record 1846].

MCGONAGILL.   My great grandfather was Patrick Washington McGonagill who married Mary Humphries. Records show them in Dewitt County in 1860, other family records have them in Missouri in the 1820's. Otherwise I cannot find them in Missouri or Texas. Mary Humphries (daughter of Alexander Humphries/reys) had been the wife of Isaiah Burket, but I only find her as Patrick's wife in the Dewitt county census 1860. The family "story" handed down for generations was that they landed at Indianola on a cattle boat and trekked north. Patrick's mother was a Humphries. Can anyone shed light on how and when McGonagill came to Texas? Joyce S. Dunn, Joy Farms & Co.

MEINOLD/MAENOLD.  My GGGrandfather (Theodore Meinold, also spelled Maenold) was also a member of James S. Sutton's company from October 20, 1847 through December 15, 1848.  He met and married Johanna Greenwald in San Antonio about 1850.  After his mustering out of federal service he obtained a land grant in Kansas, but then went to California for the gold rush, later to Australia for the same, returning to Red Bluff, California in 1857. After 1865 he took his family to Paola, Kansas to claim his grant where he farmed until his death in 1879.  I am interested in more details on Capt. Sutton's Company during the period that might give me more information on the life of Theodore Meinold.  Laurel Olsen, Los Altos, California.

NEILL, JOHN A.--- John A NEILL and his wife Hester R HUMPHREYS NEILL, who arr. DeWitt Colony 20 Feb 1831 from TN, with one child, Robert Elijah b 1827 TN. Other children born in TX who married and had desc were Mary Jane (m Charles Lowell WITTER), Samuel Houston, and Benjamin Franklin NEILL. Second son, Marcus Aurelius, died shortly before 21st b'day. Never married. Need information concerning the burial site of John A NEILL and Marcus Aurelius NEILL. When Hester removed to Bexar (Atascosa) Co in 1853/4, she sold all property except for a small tract around some graves. Is there some connection here to the Brite-McMahan Cemetery in Caldwell Co? Brites were neighbors of Neills in Caldwell and Atascosa Cos. Marcy Porter, 4311 Arapajo St., Pasadena, TX 77504

NEILL/NAIL, SARA ELIZABETHUntil recently, all available family records indicated that the maiden name of my great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" Nail. She married James Sanford Callahan, a son of Texas Ranger Captain James Hughes Callahan, in 1866.  A record of the marriage in Caldwell County, Texas, dated January 23, 1866 names "James S. Callahan and Miss Sarah E. Neill".  A Neill family living in Gonzales County, Texas, in the 1850 census records.  The head of the household appears to be "Samuel" or "Lemuel" Neill, age 35, birth place Tennessee. In the household are "Ruy" or "Rue" Neill, wife, age 34, birth place Tennessee; Sarah Neill, age 5, daughter, birth place Texas; Jane Neill, age 2, daughter, birth place Texas; Jermina Neill, age 1, daughter, birth place Texas. I would like to hear from anyone with the surnames of Neill or Nail in their family tree, or decendants of James Hughes Callahan and Sarah Medissa Day. Dalton R. (Ray) Phillips

PARKHILL---I am searching for my gggrandfather who was said to be with James Callison at the Battle of Goliad. James Callison died/murdered there but I can't find my James or William Parkhill.  Any help appreciated.  April 2004

PIERCE, JOEL JOSEPH.  Interested in genealogy, family tree and history of this member of the Nolan Expedition from North Carolina who died in Chihuahua in 1805 in prison while visiting fellow prisoner Peter Ellis Bean.   It appears that Joel J. Pierce was my great great great grandfather's brother and that they were both descended from Hugh Pierce, born Fredricksberg VA 1749 (See the Joel  J. Pierce Mystery).  L.D. Pierce, P.O. Box 86, Gage, OK 73843.

PINCHBACK.  I am interested in any and all information on the PINCHBACK brothers of Chester District, S. Carolina, John H., James and William PINCHBACK.  John H. PINCHBACK fought in the Battle of San Jacinto and was given a Land Bounty of 1,280 acres on Plum Creek in the Gonzales District and 640 acres as headright in Colorado Co., Texas.  The brothers, James and William and their mother, Mary (ANDERSDON) PINCHBACK joined him in Texas later.  Rita DonCarlos, 1110 N. Lynn St., Gladewater, Texas 75647 

According to L.W. Kemp, it was James R. Pinchback "who came from Georgia" who served at San Jacinto.  He was on the muster roll of Capt. Caldwell's Rangers, Gonzales Regiment in 1839 and the Gonzales Tax Rolls of 1839---WLM

SHADE, ANISE, JACK----The first Black Texans west of the Colorado River appear to be James Kerr's slaves Shade, Anise and Jack who accompanied him and daughter to Kerr Creek near Gonzales in 1825, removed with him to Old Station on the Lavaca after the settlement was abandoned due to Indian attack and probably moved with him to his eventual homestead on the Lavaca River in current JacksonCo. According to John Henry Brown in The Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas, Jack was the son of Shade and Anise, who were the parents and grandparents of numerous offspring, who became widely known and greatly esteemed for their fidelity and patriotism in every conflict. Am interested in their fate and descendants. Wallace L. McKeehan, 4401 Betty St., Bellaire, TX 77401

SUTHERLAND---I am researching the Sutherland family history. The family has resided in the San Antonio area, growing up I heard stories about our family history at The Alamo and the possible founding of Sutherland Springs, Texas.  My name is Richard Swank, my mothers maiden name is Sutherland and her father was Russell Sutherland.  Grateful of any help you could give me.  Richard Swank April 2004

TAYLOR, FELIX---My greatgrandfather was Felix Taylor (1865-1951) who is thought to have come from Frio County, TX.  His mother, Sarah Taylor (1844 - ?) is thought to have been born in Kentucky. Sarah is listed as Taylor in the 1870 Census. There are land sale records from her second marriage to G. W. Sadler listing the sons;  these records were from Frio County. There are family stories of Felix's father having fought in the Texas Revolution and being buried in Big Foot, TX. I was struck by the fact that there was a Felix Taylor in the DeWitt Colony.  Jenniffier Shields Hawes

TAYLOR, CREED SAMUEL---Searching for great grandfather Creed Samuel Taylor b. Dec 14, 1830 in Liberty Co., Texas.  Sam Taylor

TUMLINSON, JOHN JACKSON AND ELIZABETH.  I am trying to locate pictures of my family. I am a direct decendant of John Jackson and Elizabeth Tumlinson through son Peter F., his son James West, his son Peter Richard, his son James Thomas, his son Edward Leon Tumlinson, his daughter Lillian Tumlinson and her daughter, Deborah.  I would appreciate any copies of pictures, source where I could get them and contact with descendants.  Debbie Holley

VEAL, BONHAM, KERR---Richard Veal (1839 GonzalesCo TX tax list) was born on June 11, 1806 in Cornwall England to Richard and Temperance Rowe Veal and died in 1860 Lavaca County Texas. He married the niece of Major James Kerr, Eliza Ann Bonham (b. 15 Jan 1809 MercerCo, KY d. 1845 TX) on September 13,1827 in Pike County, Missouri. Elizabeth was the daughter of Harlan and Elizabeth Kerr Bonham. Elizabeth Kerr and Major James Kerr were children of James and Patience Wells Kerr, grandchildren of James and Hannah Kerr; and Richard and Mary or Nancy Brown Wells. Harlan Bonham was the son of Elijah and Phebe Harlan Bonham. His mother married his father-in-law James Kerr (son of James & Hannah Kerr) in 1800 MercerCo, KY. Richard and Eliza (Bonham) Veal's children were: Richard Rowe Veal (1828 MO-1907 TX); Franklin Veal (1830 MO-1867 TX); Elizabeth Ann Veal (1832 MO-1880 TX); Temperance Jane Veal (1834 MO-1895); James Veal (1836 MO-c1862 TX); Margaret Veal (1838 MO or TX); and Rufus T. Veal (1842 TX); Mary Veal (1845 TX). Alicia M. Whitehead

Temperance Jane Veal married Josiah Dowling whose daughter Temperance Jane Dowling married Thomas Rusk Zumwalt, son of John Harrison Zumwalt, son of Noah Zumwalt, who was a brother of Capt. "Black" Adam Zumwalt of LavacaCo. Mary Veal married at St. Mary's in 1869 William Hennessee (b. 7 Sep 1841), an Irishman born in Tipperary. Hennessee was a deputy sheriff in LavacaCo, TX under J.W. Bennett and under sheriffs of BexarCo, John P. Campbell and T.P. McCall. He was assistant chief of police in San Antonio during the administration of mayor Bryan Callaghan and later a captain in the force---WLM

WALKER.  I need information about the Walkers of the Austin Colony.  Tandy Walker came to TX about 1828, along with several grown sons. One son was John C. Walker, who died c1842, leaving a wife & son. This Mrs. Mary Walker married Hosea M. Bullock in Grimes Co 1843. It is this woman in question. Was she perhaps an Indian maiden from the Choctaw tribe where Tandy had lived? His description is not quite as illustrious as Mr. Bean, but he seemed to be influential & useful to Stephen Austin. If you can shed light on these Walkers, I'd like to hear from you.  2003 Faye W. Johnston  Jeanette Bullock has information concerning this Walker family and would appreciate contact---WLM 2005  

Elijah WintersJames Washington WintersWINTERS.  Attached at left is a picture of Elijah Winters, the uncle of my great-grandfather (Bill Stricklin).  He lived in Alva, OK and his son Frank Winters later moved to Amarillo, TX around 1906.  I found James Washington Winters (photo right) on the website and noted that Elijah and James look remarkably alike.   Interested in contacts with descendants of the Winters family and whether there is a relationship.  Ann Gerber



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