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"I teach 4th grade in Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas.   We study Texas history and this year I am going to focus on the Dewitt Colony.   Your information is wonderful and will be the resource for our study this year......Thank you for your wealth of information." Sandy Metz, Plum Creek School, Lockhart, Texas

"I am a 4th grade teacher in the Denton ISD and am really impressed with the depth of your website..... in connection with our study of Texas history  I am writing to ask for permission to use some of the information and graphics contained in your to your web page and give credit for the images and information used.  The lesson I create will contain instructions where students will create their own power point presentation, web page, and newsletter.....Thank you for the information you present.  I look forward to future visits to your site." Christina Riska, Grade 4, Rivera Elementary School.


"Great site.  What started as a quick search for my son's 4th grade assignment, ended up with a very enjoyable trip through Texas History for me!  I particularly enjoyed the many views and voices featured.  Well done."  Scott Mullen


"Thank you for your outstanding web site for Texas researchers. As a Librarian, I also highly recommend your site to students who are working on Texas History projects." V. Box, Dallas


"Just a note of appreciation for your web site.  I am a 7th grade history teacher in a small private school in Austin and have just discovered the site. I have found it both very interesting and very helpful.  Many thanks....brief comment: Pike's route from Monclava to S. Antonio must have been through San Juan Batista rather than Presidio del Norte [referring to Pike's journey into Texas in 1807]" Jerry Buttrey

J.B.: Thanks for your comments and the correction. Indeed, Pike was escorted north from Montelovez (now Monclova) in Coahuila across the Rio Grande into current Texas between current Eagle Pass and Laredo at Presidio Rio Grande (now Presidio Salto) near the falls of the Rio Grande, Las Isletas on the Old Spanish Trail, the main route between Monclava and San Antonio. He passed Presidio de Norte along the Rio Grande where it bends near historic El Paso earlier as he was being escorted south to Chihuahua.

"I want to thank Dr. McKeehan for this good link to the DeWitt Colony material that he is producing. Check this out for some very good history and a discussion on that early colony." Donald Perkins, Armadillo Texas History Page, Rice University.

"......I recently discovered your excellent site while compiling a list of Texas history primary source documents on the provide a resource for.....students.....As a Texas historian....I appreciate what you have done.....will benefit students, teachers, and other persons interested in that period of the Texas past....."  Roger Griffin, Austin Community College.

"It's websites like this one that make the internet a wonderful place to be." Jim Tanner, Cowboy Poet, Glen Rose, TX

"What a fine cache of information, much of which would be hard to come by otherwise....."  Doug Briggs, Houston, TX (Author of Old Black and other books set in Texas)

"Thank you.... for your very educational and interesting web site." Cassandra Eddins, Assistant Editor, Back Home in Kentucky

"Your web site is great! I wish someone would provide such a great resource for the counties where I do genealogical research in Texas." Suzanne Harrell, U. of Oklahoma Press.

"Your site is wonderful.  Easy to navigate and well designed." Holly Scott Publication Manager Enchanted Rock Magazine 

"The Sons of the DeWitt Colony have a lovely site which is a model for telling local history online."  Alamo PC. 

"Awesome! Every time I stop by to take a look at the site I am always dazzled by the quality of content and design!" Gary Butler Texas Military Forces Museum

"THANKS for your DeWitt Colony Website! I feel like I'm about to wear it out referring to it.  There's a [discussion group] mail list that we're trying to get cranked up [hosted by roots.web] strictly with the Texas Revolution."  Bill Morris Chappell Hill, TX, Texas Nuggets

"Your website is a treasure chest of Texas history."   Lone Star Publishing, Austin, Texas

"Congratulations on running such an informative web site.   I have found much good reading on it."  Steve Moore (author of two-volume history on the 1830s Texas Rangers)

"The "Sons of DeWitt Colony" website is one of the best on the internet regarding the history and heritage of the state of Texas. I forward to you my contribution to the world of Texas on the internet in the form of a website and corresponding community entitled Texas Our Texas. I have referenced your site as one of the "best of the best" on the web and send my greetings from one enthusiast of the great state of Texas to another."  Catherine Gauldin April 2004

"Oh, that other sites could be this good.  You all deserve kisses on the forehead or at least gold stars.  Good job."  Charles and Diane Miller.

"Learned a lot about Texas history from this site." Steve from Mississippi

"Your website is what all homepages should be...facts, facts, facts! Clear, concise, quick, free, easy to load, easy to read. THANKS." Karen Frazer

"It is exciting to watch as a work grows and becomes a living thing.  You have done good things with the Gonzales area history.....thank you for your excellent work and dedication." Glen A. Sachtleben, Chair of the Gonzales County Historical Commission

"The Sons of DeWitt Colony of Texas. I checked it out and it was great!!!!" James M. McCain

"....your published material is much more complete than anything I learned in the [Texas] public school system...." Dr. Clinton D. Snyder

"We need more info on historical aspects of the early empresario days. My ancestors were with the DeLeon Colony. Victoria was started by these pioneers. Check Hispanic Genealogical Society and Alejo de la Garza and his father Julian de la Garza who was killed by Indians in 1836 on his grant near todays Odom, TX. He had been one of the Diez Amigos of Martin DeLeon." Jose Guerra

"...very impressed with the Sons of Dewitt Colony page....researched Juan Baptista Casas for a number of years, and am glad to see you have such good information online about him. Texas history from 1790 or so to 1811 absolutely fascinates me." Marc Austin

"This is simply wonderful.....I am still seeking <Greene Dewitt's> parents and siblings names, birth and death dates...he must be my GGrandmother, Mary Catharine DeWitt Bell's uncle or greatuncle. She was born in 1825 in Indiana Territory and grew up in Missouri, ....sister, Bernie DeWitt Wilchek. What about organizing the Daughters of the DeWitt Colony? Those Texas ladies were and are something else. Look who carried on Greene's dream, his daughters, Norma made ole "Come and Take It" and Eliza carried on the land grant......Keep up the good work."E. Mari Crocker (TexAnn)

TexAnn: Your point about "Daughters of the DeWitt Colony" is a good one, see DeWitt Colony Ladies and Alamo Widows and Mothers.  It's good to see interest in the forgotten Texas Tonks, see sketch on Chief Placido, the greatest of them all--WLM

".....reading your website with intense fascination. Thank you for all the work you have put into it." Interested in the Newport Kentucky Volunteers under Sidney Sherman. Mike Rose

"Your page on the battle of San Jacinto is a perfect example of the internet at its best. I have been doing some math to show that my grandparents COULD have known a survivor of the battle of San Jacinto who[se parents].....could have known Thomas Jefferson--the history of Texas and America in [two generations].......a survivor of the battle of San Jacinto COULD have flown in an airplane, talked on a telephone, driven in a car, and watched a moving picture. I wanted to get some birth and death dates for the survivors....I found your page.  Thank you."  Mike Nichols

"You have one of the best sites for primary sources on Texas History.  I had searched the web for a copy of the Republic of Texas (1836) constitution.  You provided me with a copy. Thank You."  Linda Hudson

"It has been a pleasure to read the material in your Sons of DeWitt Colony website......thank you for providing Texans with your wonderful knowledge of our state's history."  Frederica Wyatt, Junction, Texas

"I would like to commend you for supplying all of us with such a first rate research tool.  There are hundreds of site on the internet that could take a lesson or two from yours."  Barry Atkins, Archives Texas General Land Office

"I am a transplanted Texan currently living in Birmingham, Alabama.  I have enjoyed your web site immensely since learning of the role certain Alabama units played in the Texas War of  Independence.  You have inspired me to research more on the life of Captain Jack Shackelford, commander of the Red Rovers.....interested in any memoirs he might have left."   Jim Noles

"Dear Don Guillermo, I do not believe I have ever seen or read a better exposition of the feeling for Texas and what we are all about than your spectacular website Sons of the DeWitt Colony Texas. You are to be congratulated for such an excellent job in construction, beauty and content. The listing and history of the independence flags themselves is sufficient to earn the highest praise. Su afectisimo." Chuck Harvey ("Pepe" named by my Spanish teacher in Fort Worth, Texas in 1964).

"Thank you very much for your website. I was very glad to stumble across it.......Nice to find such an abundance of high-quality history about The Lone Star State."  Dallas native in Seattle. Mike Neill

"Nice site.  I live in Mexico, and have benefited from the articles you have published."  Tim Rovenstine

"I am currently writing a book.....I have been using your wonderful website as a helpful source on the struggle for Mexican Independence......Your web site is of the few sites I've ever been able to use for real research." Paul Robert Walker

"I have reviewed your web site & found it to be well organized with full of information related to the purpose and goals of our organization.....Congratulations on a great web page."  David Williams, The Tejano Association for Historical Preservation

"I would like to tell you that I consider your website to be the best I've seen devoted to Texas History. I wish the other websites I've seen on the subject of early colonial settlement could take your site as an example of thorough research and great presentation. I hope you keep expanding."  Thomas O'Brien Pearland, TX

"I love this web site ... I have been using it extensively for the purpose of preparing remarks (a speech) concerning the story of the Battle of San Jacinto, following the devastation at the Alamo and Goliad.....I used to teach at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas and became fascinated with the story of Sam Houston.  I became friends with Professor Robert Hogan who was a direct lineal descendant of Sam Houston.  Bob Hogan died 5 or so years ago...Bob told me much about Sam Houston...I am now preparing to tell the story again and I am wondering if you can tell me if Bob Hogan was the "great great grandson of Sam Houston" or the "great great great grandson of Sam Houston."  I like to interject this into my speech because it is to law students here in South Dakota and I am proud of the fact that I personally knew Bob Hogan.    So, I would appreciate it if you could help me or direct me to someone who can help me. I have accumulated quite a file on San Jacinto and this story and relish the opportunity to tell it.  I will tell it again to about 65 law students -- the entire 1st year class on April 20, 2001.  I will also tell it to my Insurance Class on either April 18 or April 23."  Roger Baron.  [Professor Hogan was a great great grandson of Gen. Houston, he taught at South Texas College of Law in Houston for two decades, retired in 1991 and passed away in 1993]

"I am researching a book on the history of the Texas Navy....congratulations on a very fine web site.  I have used it several times and appreciate your appending translated documents to aid the researcher."  Jonathan W. Jordan

"Just a line to let you know that for many months this has been one of my favorite sites.  It appears only to get better every time I log on.   Again, thanks."  Fred Fischer, Hurst, Texas

"I enjoyed reading the history that you had about the cemetery in Lavaca County.....I like to learn as much as I can about Lavaca Cty trying to learn more about the people, times etc.....Thank you for taking the time to prepare the wonderful write up that is on this site.  It is appreciated."  Marjorie Freeman, Conroe, Tx

"......I am in the Burleson County Historical Commission and we are having our first Heritage Week, March 22-27. Caldwell is our county seat and I would like to copy your story on Matthew Caldwell and place it in the courthouse. Also, are there any pictures of him.  I love your website.Debbie Giesenschlag 2004

"Just wanted to drop a line to comment on your website. Fanatastic! Without doubt the best historical site on the web, hands down. I could read it for hours, and have! Keep up the great work."  Michael Nunnally Artist Illustrator The Alamo Society 2004

"Re: the DeWitt Colony site, I have to hand it to you that you have one of THE BEST reference sites I've ever seen. Excellent job, bueatifully crafted, easy to navigate. I can think of NO critical comment.  I would ask if you can put me into contact with someone who can offer images (drawings, etc) or descriptions of the old Refugio Mission, I would like to find out what it looked like, or might have looked like.   Thanks for your assistance, and for one of the Websites I frequent the most."   Steve Erwin, Hurst, Texas 2004

"I can't thank you enough for your web site and all the information about the Battle of Alamance. I was born in New Jersey and now live in Massachusetts. I know all about Lexington & Concord and Paul Revere's midnight ride.  I came across your website while I was trying to trace back my NC Pugh roots. It would appear that I am related to Thomas Pugh Sr. & Jr. I was amazed to read about Alamance and what happened there. It is sad to think that this information is not better known. I now better understand the pride my Mother had in her family.  Many thanks."  Jane Hargreaves, daughter of Jane Pugh 2004

"Please accept my thanks for your efforts on the "Sons of DeWitt County" web site. After nearly a half century laboring in the vineyards of the past I fully appreciate that this is the sort of work which results in personal satisfaction with the only money involved being one's own."  Robert W. Shook, 2004

"Great web site, I reference it quite often."  Michael Bailey, Curator Brazoria County Historical Museum 2006

Burket, Kent, Zumwalt Families

"Have always been interested in my family's history, and have recently been surfing the net to find some information. On a whim, I initiated a web search with my great, great, great grandfather's name, Nathaniel Boone Burkett. I was amazed to find his letter about the early days of Texas on your site!" Gina Baysinger, great granddaughter of Ophelia Clementine Burkett Hogwood, daughter of Nathan Boone.

"Absolutely one of the best sites we have seen on the internet.  Excellent wife is also a descendant of David Burket [through son John H. Burkett and his son Arthur David]. Thanks for a job well done." David S. Harvey 3rd greatgrandson of Caleb Wallace--Pioneer of Austin's Colony

"....from your photos and work I was able to visit their land in Missouri <Burkett, Zumwalt, Kent sites>.....I have to commend you on this, the fantastic and extensive work of your website that gives life, history, and roots to so many's very being! Thank you, and in the spirit of our ancestors, God bless."  Kathleen Harvey, daughter of author of The History of the Burkett-Gilliam Generations, Vol. 1 (a limited number of copies are still available, contact Ms. Harvey--WLM).   10/03

"I just found all of the wonderful information about the Burkett family...... immediately I knew that I had really found my ancestors. What a wonderful surprise and such a great feeling to see and read all the history of my family.  Thank you - Thank you."  Descendant of John Henry Burkett.  Connie Newton Nye

"I have have been reading 'Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas' pages on the net and have greatly enjoyed all of the information you have gathered." Descendant of David Burkett and Mary Ann Zumwalt through son John H. Burkett. Ron Barber

"WONDERFUL SITE.....I am the wife of....a son of Phil Burkett, son of Curtis Opp Burkett, son of Aurther Burkett.....but that is as far as I can go. I am very interested in finding which one of the Burketts Aurther decends from so I can gap the hole...Can you help?" Brenda Burkett

Welcome to the DeWitt Colony family.  Your husband descends from David and Mary Ann Zumwalt Burket's son John Henry Burkett and Elizabeth Caroline Leazer, who settled in ColemanCo and after whose son William Burkett, the town Burkett, Texas was named.  One of their sons was Arthur David Burkett (wife Melissa Griffin (see family photo on the John H. Burkett page). Their oldest son, possibly the one in the photo, was Arthur William Burkett (1883-1954; wife Stella Boyle), their oldest son was Curtis Opp (b. 1908; wife Madelyn MacDougal) and his son William Phillip (b. 1936; wife Mary Sue Warnell).  The intermarried Burkets, Zumwalts and Kents of the DeWitt Colony are historic pioneers there and largely the families on which the website was launched---WLM

"I wanted to thank you for all of the effort and hard work you have put into this web-site.  My Great Great Great Grandfather was David Burkett of the Dewitt Colony.......I have only this morning discovered Sons of Dewitt Colony Texas.   I have also learned that a book was written by one of my distant cousins that details the life and times of other William Burkett descendents. I was wondering if there are any other web-sites with information as good as this one?" David Burkett, father of newborn William David Burkett, descendant of John Henry Burkett and his son William Burkett.

Welcome to the DeWitt Colony family and thanks for keeping up the traditional names like William David.  The book you refer to is probably The History of the Burkett-Gilliam Generations by Maxine Burkett Seltzer, Ft. Worth, TX, 1976.  I don't think you will find any other site with the amount of material and historical context of David Burket's life and descendants since he and the four related Zumwalt and Kent families who probably came to Texas together from Missouri were the stimulus for the broader work called Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas---WLM 

"Thank you for maintaining this site. My grandmother recently passed away and I've enjoyed reading through some of this information about my family." Jennifer Burkett Hazel Noblesville, IN (greatgranddaughter of John Henry and Laura Lou Clark Burkett)

"I discovered this website about 2 years ago and have shared it with my family, who knew little or nothing about David Burket. It has been so much fun uncovering my family's rich history!! THANK YOU for this site!! My great-great grandmother was Nancy Eudora Burkett, daughter of John Henry Burkett. THANKS again for this wonderful site!"---Amy Ackal April 2004

"Thanks so much I just love your web page, I am so excited.   Oliver Clarence Burkett 1883- 1964 was my grandfather, his sons were Buster, Rufus, Burns (my father), daughter Cleo. It is a good feeling to know your past. Thank you so much, again! My family will also be very happy to read this information........ I have searched the web for about a year, and today i found your site. God bless you."   Mrs. Rebecca (Burkett) Smith.  2004  WM:  Oliver Clarence (Doc) Burkett was the 10th of 11 children of Bartholomew Howard and Mary Jane Leazer Burkett, Bart was a son of David and Mary Ann Zumwalt Burket.

"My husband, Bradley Beloat, is the son of Phyllis Wantland, daughter of Esta Rae, who is the daughter of William Rae, who is the son of Mary Ann Rosanna Green, who was the daughter of Little Berry Green and Sarah Ann Burkett (daughter of David and Mary Ann Zumwalt Burkett)......Thank you so much for putting all of your wonderful information on the internet."  Amy Beloat, Apache Junction, AZ.  11/03

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the web site on the Green DeWitt Colony.  I am a descendant of David Burkett and Mary Ann Zumwalt through [daughter] Sarah Ann and [her son] John David Green]" Kathryn Van Pelt

"I just want to compliment you on a job well done on the web site for DeWitt Colony. It is especially interesting to me as my roots run deep in that area. Plus I claim a close "kinship" to the Burketts. Mary Jane Burkett Baugh was my Mother's step grandmother. (Two of my mother's uncles are buried in the Burkett Cemetery)." Juanita

"I have just discovered your Website---very nicely done.  I am looking forward to having time to read more of it.  I am a descendant of Andrew Kent via his daughter Sarah.  We don't have many family anecdotes from the early days---they seem to start a couple of generations later.  But thanks for sharing your work!" A descendant.

"Bravo!  Your web page about Andrew Kent was fascinating to me. I'm a descendant of Sarah Clifton Kent, Andrew's daughter. Andrew was my 5th greatgrandfather. You have provided more information about Andrew Kent than I have seen in any other place.  I can't wait to send this to my father, who will be very excited by it too. And I was unaware there was a Kent family reunion.  I have taken my children to the Alamo and to Gonzales and will pass this information on to them as well.  Perhaps one day some of us can make the reunion! Now I'll have to go back and read the rest of the information on the website.  Thank you so much for putting it all out there!" Helen Robinson

"Outstanding web design and content---you and your helpers are to be congratulated! I love Texas history and this site is just what a Texas history buff ordered. With as many young people on the web, this is obviously a very ingenious tool for reaching and teaching....In addition to being a lover of Texas history I am also an Andrew Kent descendent.....via James Billings union with Louisa Naomi Kent. Duane Miller.

"Recently, I discovered your 'Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas' site and the first night I was up until 3:00 a.m. discovering the various sites of information. It was a fascinating experience........I am grateful  for your contributions to perserve our past."  Descendants of Andrew Kent and James Billings.  John L. & Joan Bowen

"Came across your website and found it fascinating! I have not found any others quite like it........I have always been told stories by my grandfather about Andrew Kent and how he fought in the can be sure I will be visiting it in the future." J. Bradley Nichols   Descendant of Andrew Kent's daughter Louisa Naomi Kent Billings and their daughter Rebecca Billings Stockman.  There is a Stockman-Nichols Family Reunion in Silver City, New Mexico every July.

"I am really impressed with the work that you have done on the Web Page. It is really great" Descendant of Andrew Kent and son Bosman Clifton Kent. Patsy Fannin (deceased)

"I have recently become aware of the Andrew Kent site authored by you on the internet.  It is simply superb and I am thrilled to find it. Andrew Kent  and Elizabeth Zumwalt Kent are my 3rd great grandparents. Please accept my sincere admiration for the supremely well-done site on Andrew Kent.  I am in awe of it and genuinely excited to have found it." Ann Anderson

"Andrew Kent was my 4th great grandfather.Thank you so much for this web site!!" Janice Peoples

"Excellent, excellent website!'s been really fascinating to learn about Texas history and about my Texas cousins."   Descendant of Robert Kent, brother of Andrew Kent.  John Harding

"I have enjoyed the site so much!!  I am a descendant of Andrew Zumwalt who grew up on the stories and familial pride felt by my grandfather, James Zumwalt.  He was born in Gonzales in the 1890's and was very proud of his heritage.  My only regret is that he passed away years ago without having known the Internet!!!  Thank you for all your dedicated work!" Cindy Poole

"The research on the DeWitt Colony is excellent, I have enjoyed sharing this history with my sons.  Thank you sir."  Descendant of "Black" Adam Zumwalt Jr. and son Andrew.  George Roy Zumwalt Jr.

"...I have read a lot of Texas history, but I had not ever connected my family with being a part of that history.....The next time I go through GonzalesCo and other counties in the surrounding area, I will feel closer to the history of the area and to the people who lived and died there. Your information on the people of the Dewitt Colony is greatly appreciated.  I cannot tell you how moved I was/am to read of these people and their life.  Thank you very much." Descendant of Thomas Milton Davis Sr. and Eleanor Jane Zumwalt, daughter of Thomas Bowen Zumwalt. Karolyn Booth

"........I want to say also, your site is the best one on the net. Keep up the good work."  Descendant of Noah Adam Zumwalt Jr., son of Thomas Bowen and Elsa Billings Zumwalt.   Shirley Reynolds. 

"I have enjoyed your website over the last few years…ever since I discovered I am a descendant of “Black” Adam Zumwalt. I recall seeing information regarding a Zumwalt Family Reunion on your website. Do you have any information on an upcoming reunion? I would love to attend a reunion and meet some fellow Zumwalts and learn more history regarding the family.…and thanks for all your great research and for keeping up with your great website. You should write a book."   Descendant of Green Lackey and Lucinda Zumwalt, daughter of Thomas Bowen Zumwalt.  C.G.  2004  You are likely referring to the Andrew Kent Muster now held every other year in Gonzales, Texas.   All allied and interested families are welcome.  Check Andrew Kent for updates---WLM

"Thanks a million for your work on the Dewitt Colony.  Absolutely fantastic...I am retired in a remote rural area...research facilities are severely limited....on the Internet I have been making wonderful strides in my research..." Descendant of Louisa Zumwalt and George W. Walton. L.J.M.

"Can you please help put me into contact with other family members? I am a great-great-granddaughter of Luther Walton, son of Louisa Zumwalt & George Walton...I would like to somehow contact other family members and get to know my family now and then." S.P.

"You have done a wonderful service for the heritage of early Texas pioneers. Keep up the good work. Thank you." Descendant of Black Adam Zumwalt through daughter Louisa & George Walton.  D.B. Junction, Texas

"I am a descendent of (Capt Black Adam Zumwalt / Louisa M Zumwalt / Doctor Marion Walton / Effie Walton / Edward Leon Walter) and I just found your site tonight. Imagine my excitement at all of the information, photos and history of my family all laid out before me in such a clear and informative manner. Thank You, I will spend many hours here."  R.D. El Paso, TX, 2004

".....let  me compliment you on your DeWitt Colony webpage.  It is extremely well done."  Descendant of Lucinda Zumwalt and Alan Love through Hugh Love. Ms. D. W., Greenville, TX

"Thank you very much.  You have made it possible to know who I am and what I come from and much more."  Descendant of Lucinda Zumwalt and Alan Love through John Love.  JWH

"I'm a descendant of Mary Elizabeth Zumwalt and Jonathan A. Doak. I'd love to submit my lineage for the site and swap any other info you might have. I" C.

C. Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas actively solicits all information, particularly photos on DeWitt Colony families. All material is evaluated for relevance to the theme of the site and if it can be fit in context. The project generally limits genealogy data to families who had a member living in the area before 1846, their children and grandchildren, unless they played a particularly significant role in history of the colony or Texas history in general prior to statehood.

"I wish that all the websites were as full of complete information like yours is....I showed my Grandpa Clark the information...he was greatly impressed.  He knew that he came from great history, but he didn't think it was that impressive....Again, congratulations, you have done a terrific job." L. C. Descendant of Capt. Black Adam Zumwalt and Esther Berry House Floyd Clark

"....decided to see what's up with my old home town of Hallettsville...came across...history of the DeWitt colony...enjoyed the chapter on Black Adam.....more anecdotes than for other stuff I've come across....collecting a few interesting works so our sons can know more about their roots." Descendant of Noah Zumwalt, brother of Capt. "Black" Adam Zumwalt. B. Z.

"My compliments on the Sons of DeWitt Colony and Zumwalt websites you have done. You have done a terrific job. I know many hours have gone into these sites. Thanks so much for sharing this information with the world." Descendant of Henry Crawford, husband of Mahala Zumwalt, daughter of Red Adam Zumwalt.. M. J. C.

"....your Sons of Dewitt Colony website just keeps getting better. Thanks for your efforts to preserve our history. I visit often and always find something of interest." T. H., descendant of William Ransom House and Adaline Zumwalt.

"What a wonderful thing you have done!!!! I love the web-page and all that you have on it. You have done a great justice to our families of past and for the families to come!!" Descendant of "Red" Adam Zumwalt, his son William C. Zumwalt and his daughter J. M. Z. T. R.

"I would like to know how to join the Sons of Dewitt Colony.   Adam Zumwalt was my 3rd great grandfather. Mahala Zumwalt was my 2nd great grandmother who married Samual McCoy.  Laura Carr was my Grandmother, daughter of Robert Carr and Hester McCoy. Laura Carr married Texas Ranger Alonzo Van Oden of Tilden, Texas, part of the Walker Family."  J. V. R., Houston Texas April 2004

JVR.  Thanks for your comments.  As described at About Sons. However, our Feedback and Queries section serves as a means to bring interested persons and descendants together with each other. I will post your note on the Feedback section.

"I share your heritage and recently discovered your book on the web. I am related to the Newmans, Rabbs, Woods of the 'old 300' and the Zumwalts, Livergoods, Baldridges of Lavaca.  I would like to have a copy of your book, 'Sons of Dewitt County.'  Can you tell me how I might obtain one?  Best regards, and thank you for your great work on our heritage.  T. B.  Meridian, Idaho

T.B.:  Thanks for your comments.  I have been asked for a copy of The Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas by numerous readers many of whom suggest that I publish a hardcopy.  The Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas is an ongoing web-based work from the start.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve its mission in conventional linear book format due to the multi-dimensional (literally web-like), clickable cross-references within the site and links to related material that is at other sites.  If printed in book form, the material on the site is estimated to result in nearly 1000 pages of conventional print without the linked material---WLM

"I love your site! So much history there. I am a descendent of the McMasters, Mahaffeys, Zumwalts and Loves....I just started doing genealogy....It is the most rewarding hobby I have ever had." K. G.

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful information you have provided to us on your web pages. As a Zumwalt descendant (Anna Delilah Ottilia Zumwalt) it thrilled me to see all the well documented and interesting information you have provided. You have done a great service to your heritage. Thank you."  K. B.

"It has been so exciting to learn about our ancestors!.....The searching of our ancestors began a few years ago when we were visiting the Alamo.  I  had the strangest feeling that one of my ancestors had died there!....I checked all of the mens names on the walls and nothing rang a bell, and then I picked up a book about the brave Gonzales men and their wives...there it was ZUMWALT!...Thank you for all of the research you have done. What a heritage. God bless you."  Zumwalt descendant  M. K. [Alamo Widow, Elizabeth Zumwalt, was wife of Gonzales Ranger Andrew Kent--WLM]

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