Archaeological and Historical Investigations at the Alamo North Wall.
By James E. Ivey and Anne A. Fox

Excavations at the Western Wall
In 1979, the decision of the City of San Antonio to build a walkway and mall connecting the San Antonio River with Alamo Plaza gave archaeologists a unique chance to uncover a number of important details about the history and structure of the Alamo. 

Southwest & Northwest Wall Gun Emplacements
Archaeologist, Jake Ivey examines the evolution of the Alamo compound's Southwest and Northwest walls that help to determine placement of cannon in the 1836 siege. 

Excavations at the Alamo Shrine
By Jack D. Eaton 

Second skeleton unearthed at Santa Rosa worksite
For the second time this year, a skeleton has been unearthed during construction work at Santa Rosa Hospital, in an area that used to be a Catholic cemetery during the 1800's. 12/03/97

UTSA Archaeologists Unearth 200-Year-Old Dam
Archaeologists with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have uncovered what they believe is a 200-year-old Spanish colonial dam inside a city park that once diverted water from Olmos Creek to irrigate farmlands. The dam was discovered in October at Brackenridge Park in San Antonio. It is the third such structure ever found in San Antonio -- previously remains of the Espada and San Juan dams were located.

The burning question on everyone's lips:
¿Dónde estaban los cuartos de baño?
Where were the bathrooms?
You didn't think they held it the whole time, did you?

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