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Lake Weir High---Index

Oh, to be home again down in ole "Lake Weir days,"
With our very best friends...I believe ole rockin' chair's got me.
From Rockin' Chair, Rock of Ages album by The Band


The end of each day seems to come quite fast,
Our life flashes by, sweet memories of the past.
Like a sunset in the west, the days quickly disappear.
As each of us look ahead, with expectation and fear.

Forever, that's how long we think our lives will last.
But life flashes by, sweet memories of the past.
We travel life's highway, we savor each mile.
Thinking young is forever, not just a while.

Hoping our legacy will forever, a large shadow cast,
As our life flashes by, sweet memories of the past.
Wisdom, tradition and heritage; passed down year to year.
Frequently asking; what is our future, and why are we here?

Quite often the truth is concealed and our feelings we mask.
Watching our life flash by, sweet memories of the past.
True love is quite a treasure, we should foreever share,
With someone special, for whom we will always care.

Surely, not gone for eternity, but how shall we find,
These memories of ours as they flicker through our mind.
What is it we seek? of ourselves we ask.
Once more to live our memories, sweet memories of the past.

Written for and in memory of the Class of 1962, Lake Weir High School
By Don Phillips 2004

[Descriptions and photos of any reunions are solicited.]


16th Year Reunion 1978, Class of '62

Class of '62 Resumes 1978

Barbara Hodges Snyder polled the class members who could be located for brief resumes and distributed the results in the above booklet at the reunion.  Of those who could be traced, 39 still lived in Florida, 3 in Georgia, 2 in North Carolina and 1 each in Alabama, Colorado, New Jersey and New York. Six members of the class married each other.  Of the 33 responding about their resumes, five had batchelor degrees, 3 had a masters and 1 an AA degree.  Nine of 19 men reporting had military service, 6 of 14 women said they were busy homemakers and the responders reported 72 children.


33rd Year Reunion 1995, Lake Weir High School Class of 1962
Class of '62 Reunion, 1995

Left to right:  Sandra Beck, Arvid Nelson, Eloise Beck, David Snyder, Wallace McKeehan, Barbara Hodges, Manny Rodriquez, Joe Perry, Rayburn Steele, Jerry Wiley, Gail Newsom, Nancy Phillips, Don Phillips, Joan Schmittle, Ralph Nichols, Bunny Monroe, Perry Jacobs, Beverly McNely


38th Year Reunion 2000, Class of 1962
Reunion 2000

Front:  Eloise Beck, Sandra Beck, Barbara Hodges, Bunny Monroe
Back:  Wallace McKeehan, Tommy Reedy, David Snyder, Ralph Nichols, Jerry Wiley


Joint Reunion 2001 with Class of 61
Lake Weir Faculty from the 60's

Lake Weir Faculty Front Row:
George Cope, Ms. Cope, Jim Smith, Ned Biddix, Tom Paul, J.M. Pfeil

Master of Ceremonies
Front:  Steve White, Gary Dirlam
Back:  Jim Hunt, Hubert Oliver, Warren Eason, Buddy Fudge, Dee Ann Kirkland

The Loyal Hardcore
The Loyal Hardcore (Class of '62)
Counterclockwise:  David Snyder, Barbara Hodges, Joe Perry, Arvid Nelson, Don Phillips



The Whole Gang

Kneeling left to right:  Hubert Oliver, Warren Eason, (two blue shirt unidentified), Buddy Fudge, Steve White, Jim Hunt, Ruth Walewicz, Jack Walton
Standing first two rows: Hoopy Smith, (unidentified), Arvid Nelson (partly hidden), Oral Blackmon, Loren Abshier, DeeAnn Kirkland, Loree Nichols, (orange blouse unidentified), Helen Bare?, Suzanne Farnsworth (shades), Betty Anderson, (last three unidentified)
Back row:  Joe Perry, Clifford Blow, Gene Scroggie, John Privett, Linda Kirkland, Gary Dirlam, Sara Jane Palmer, Margaret Hall, (last two unidentified)


42nd Year Reunion 2004, Class of 1962

Back Row, Don Phillips, David Snyder, Arthur Michnowicz, Jerry Wiley, Ken Hart, Ralph Nichols, Joe Perry, Nancy Phillips, Arvid Nelson, Bunny Monroe
Front Row, Barbara Hodges, Karolyn Kirkland, Patsy Oliver, Eloise Beck, Rachel Wise, Sandra Beck, Myrna Chapin, Beverly McNely (not shown:  Manny Rodriquez)



lw62re304c.jpg (94317 bytes)


43rd Year Reunion 2005, Class of 1962

Front to rear, moving left to right: Sandra, Arvid, Jerry, David, (Jerry's wife), Arthur, Barbara, Gayle, Paul, Eloise, Binkie, Joe, Don, Nancy, Glenn, Rayburn

What a groupOnly a few minor outer appearances have changed, mentally still the same ole kids that said goodbye in '62 to go out in the world and seek their fortunes.   (An extra pound, a wrinkle or two, now that's nothing compared to the pimples and insecurity of '62)  Despite some inclement weather and the Easter Weekend, 15 Class of '62 alumni and 6 spouses attended a get together at B.D. Bean's Cafe in Belleview, according to some a quaint little coffee shop with good food.  Four long lost classmates (Binky B., Gayle B., Glenn H. and Paul M.) appeared who haven't been seen in decades.  Loyalist Rayburn S. (known in recent years as The Real Bubba) and his wife Montana Sherry came all the way by RV from Colorado.  Eloise B. came down from Atlanta, Sandra B. from south Florida and Arvid N. from north Florida.  Local area residents were Barbara H. and David S., Arthur M., Joe P., Don P. (now known as Big D), Nancy P. and Jerry W.

Big D., Paul M., Bubba Ray, Ralph N.Nancy P. & Eloise B.Big D. & Glenn H.

Bubba Ray and Montana stopped by Binkie's (and spouse Gator's) place up in the Panhandle on the way from Colorado and Gayle (and spouse Bobby) came down from Central Alabama and they had a real blowout up on the St. Marks River prior to coming to Belleview (still wonderin' why Binkie of  '62 changed the spelling to Binky).  According to one report Binkie still had that "beautiful, slow Southern accent" and was still "cute and funny" as ever.  Didn't Binkie write most of the Class of '62 predictions?  And two reports said that Gayle had retained her"glow" and personality they remembered when she left us prior to graduation to move to Miami.

Glenn was overjoyed to see everyone again since '62 (that's him and Big D above right talkin' it over in '62 as the clock ran out in a BB game).  Now ole Paul Martin was the talk of the group whose been mostly out of touch since '62.   Turns out he just finished off a career with NASA as did his wife.  Ole Paul had trouble remembering everyone, but someone had an annual to refresh memories.  He was giving out momentos from his workplace which everyone was talking about.  So it must have been ole Paul, not Manny R. that lit the fuse down at Cape Canaveral in the "predictions"?    

Some of the guys are said to have really opened up with tales of the ole Lake Weir days and to tell you the truth some of the gals (and guys) were shocked that all those adventures were going on about them in '62---tales of hunting gators, taming bulls, breaking horses and catching venomous snakes for money for Ross Allen's Reptile Institute.  Now that's not to mention all the social escapades and the secret clubs, we'll save that for the next meeting reports as it gets less embarrassing as we get a little older and mellow.  Can you believe 43 years have sailed by since graduation?

Win over TavaresRemembering the recent fallen among us, Beverly M. and most recently our younger buddy from Class of '63 Steamboat S., rang a chord of sadness, but was soon replaced with celebration and thanks for the memory and friendship.  Nancy and Big D (brother and cousin, resp.) reported that Jimmy Phillips also Class of '63 passed on this year.  We hear ole Bill Clapp is ailing and wish him all the best (that's ole Bill, no. 24, and Jimmy (reaching out from right), celebrating the '62 win over Tavares with 1 second left, note also ole Glenn H. and Manny R. in the background). 

Special thanks to Arvid Nelson for compilation of contact info. and organization of the gathering. The Class of '62 welcomes new contacts and comments about ole Lake Weir days (Compiled by E.W., Galveston Island, Texas from various reports).




44th Year Reunion 2006, Class of '62
Reunion '06
Standing left to right:  William Clapp, Jerry Wiley, Myrna Chapin, Ralph Nichols, Nancy Phillips, Joe Perry, Karolyn Kirkland, Arvid Nelson, Glenn Herbert, Rachael Wise, Don Phillips
SittingEloise Beck, Binkie Bolton, Gayle Blaylock, Sandra Beck.


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