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Green DeWitt
Green DeWitt

DeWitt Colony Papers
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James Kerr
James Kerr

ELLIS, CUMMINS, KERR TO AUSTIN.  Colo. Gross's Lower plantation 22nd January 1827 SIR We have the honor to report to you, and through you to his Excellency the political Chief of the Department of Texas---That we have failed of success in the hoped for object of our mission to Nachadoches---We proceeded with all posible dispatch to the Nache[s] river where we meet an Out post of the insurgents stationed in the house of Colo Bean; they had taken possesion of the Boat, and all Beans property and declared it confiscated. On our arrival at said post, the soldiers informed us that the country was revolutionized from that to the Sabine River. We therefore deemed it important to our safety to make known to those people the object of our mission; and to inform them of the generous, and friendly propositions of His Excellency; That Justice was, offered, and mercy would be extended to all that would return to their duty at which they seemed well plesed, and expressed a wish that we would succeed in the hoped for object; We reached Nachadoches the next day and directly made known to the principle men of the f actionists our business. They informed us that the Laws of war had been declared in Nachadoches and that they should expect us to be governed by them We were therefore under the necessity of meeting the principals in private, which we have done. (Viz Hayden and Benjamine Edwards on the part of the white people, and one John D. Hunter and ---Bassett on the part of the red people. (This Hunter said he was the representative of twenty three tribes of Indians and further that he was the absolute agent and attorney in fact of Dick fields) We delivered the official documents, to those present, and those for fields were delivered to Hunter; we then went into a friendly discussion by way of exertation to them founded on the proclamation, and amnesty Granted by His Excellency and urged the same with all our force; that it held forth to view the Justice and mercy; the bounty and munificence of this our beloved, and adopted Country; we argued that this highly benevolent Act on the part of the Mexican Government must place hir on high and very exalted Grounds with and in the Eyes of all the republics of the Earth, and gives at one view every assureance of warm Hearted, and affectionate step mother; that it was a proof and sure Guarantee of the Republic resting on the Broad basis of Justice Liberty and equal rights. To all of which we received for answer That they would never concede one inch Short of an acknowledgement on the part of the Govt of their entire free and unmolested Independence, from the Sabine to the Rio Grand; That they viewed the Mexican Republic (as it was call'd) a Corrupt Base, futile, and faithless Govt---Fields was in his own village; and we deemed it not only hazerdous, but dangerous to attempt to see him; which however is the less to be regreted as we are satisfyed that he is under the influence of Hunter---Two principle war Chiefs (Bowl and Big Mush) have as it is said refused to join fields. We are happy to inform His Excellency that the citizens on the trinity and Naches rivers are firm friends to the Govt; and also those of the elish [Ais] Bayou are in deep distress for want of aid from the Govt some of whom have crossed the line for safety while others are acting the hipocrite, in order to save their little property untill relief by the Govt may enable them to come out with a full front in favour of the Govt and we would here beg leave to state that there is scarcely one of the perverse party that have any property---not one slave holder among them, but many vagabonds and fugitives from Justice who have fled from the U. States of the North, and who have so shamefully debased the American Character. We take the liberty to recommend to the notice of the political Chief and to yourself, Colo B. Foster and Capt. Palas Neely who have aided our efforts in all things and highly deserve our warmest gratitude.   RICHARD ELLIS, JAMES CUMMINS, JAMES KERR

JAMES KERR TO AUSTIN.  San felipe De Austin Union de Mexeco, 24 Jany. 1827. Colo. S. F. AUSTIN, Sir having Just returned from Nachadoches and somewhat fateagued owing to bad health I arn notwithstanding desireous to return back with the national troops that are on their mach to that place to suppress the banditte at that place, who are unproperly call'd Americans. I am at this time labouring in conflicting motions; the people of Dewitts Colony are anxiously wishing my return to the Station; And the unhappy, unjust, and unfriendly siezure of our guns by Martin Delion, Doctor Oldivar, and moncholes, is a subject of much regret. The guns that have been returned by the Order of Our good and honourable friend the political Chief were so damaged, that not one (I believe) is fit for war. three of mine were taken---two have been sent back---both the locks broke and the stock of one rendered useless by being shivered in Pieces-the other I have no account of. If sir it should be deemed advisable by you that I should Join the troops, I declare I know not where to obtain a good and sufficient rifle for so important an expedition.  JAMES KERR San felipe De Austin Union de Mexeco, 24 Jany. 1827. P. S. I take the liberty to sugest to you that while such Men as Martin Delion, Moncholes, and Sapulva and Doctor Oldivar, as Mexicans and Saml Norris, Nat. Norris and one James Gains who, unrighteously call themselves Americans have any control or voice in the local concerns of this department, broiles, confusions, restless spirits, and even a want of confidence will unaquivocally follow. J. K.

JAMES KERR TO AUSTIN.  San felipe De Austin 24th Jany 1827 Colo. S. F. AUSTIN DR SIR, as a duty I owe to myself, and to this beloved country of my adoption I am impelled by an impulse by which every good citizen ought to be actuated; I bege leave to suggest that, there is a combination of men (some of whom call themselves Americans) but I believe them to be Englishmen principally---tho, some are perhapse french origin etc carrys with them as it is believed Spanish maners and deportment that have conspired against this nation. First I will Identify one John D Hunter (commonly called Doctor Hunter), and one-----Basset. these two men say they are cherokees by adoption. Hunter has written a work styled "Hunters Journal" which has caused much noise in the US of the north, and caused an enquiry by the president of that nation to be made of the Indian agents or rather of the superintendants of Indian affairs, whether in their opinion " Hunters Journal " was intitled to credit or not. Two of those Genl have in answer to the presidents Inquiry denounced said Hunter as an imposter, and in their opinion an englishman. I have seen Hunter and Basset together and I believe them to be brothers. The mexican nation granted a section of Hir territory to one Genl Waval to colonize, and I was informed by some of the out Laws while at Nachadoches that he Hunter had said, his great dependence, and hopes for assitance to revolutionize the department of Texas---was on the British; that be expected in less than four months to be reinforced by 500 englishmen who would land at the mouth of the Brassos under the command of said Waval; that a Doctor Sombody who spoke french, english, and Spanish was then in the interior as a spy. that Hunter would act on the frontiers; stimulating to action our red Brethern, while the Brittish would land on the Coast and over power all oposition, and organize a Gov, of their own formation and which as my informant said would be an effective one Unlikely as such scheme wold seem when compaired with reason and common sence; yet we see some of its features demonstrated: Hunter has raised the Hatchet and the blood hounds at his heels ready to devour oposition. Oldivar comports with the description of the " Spy ". It is a well known fact that waval and Hunter were together in Mexico last winter and that Hunter said he was treated with more than ordinary politeness by said waval, and other Englishmen in Mexico. I have deemed it a duty to communicate the foregoing Suggestions to you for your consideration and through you to the Govt if so be that you deeme it necessary. Union and Mexico San felipe De Austin 24th Jany 1827 JAMES KERR.

JAMES KERR TO STEPHEN F. AUSTIN.  27 Jan 1827 At a meeting of the people of DeWitt's Colony at the establishment on the La Vaca (notice having been given for that purpose) Mr. Byrd Lockhart was called to the chair, and James Norton Esq. was chosen Secretary, when the following resolutions were read and unanimously adopted:
1st. Resolved, that the people of this colony came to, and settled in the Mexican Nation, by the benign influence of her laws:-that as adopted children have full confldence and faith in the equity, justice and liberality in the Federal and State Governments of their new parent.
2d. Resolved, that their great object in leaving their parent country, and migrating hither, was not for the purpose of unsheathing the sword of Insurrection, war, bloodshed, and desolation, but as peaceable and industrious subjects, to cultivate and inhabit the bounteous domain so liberally extended and offered them by the Governors of the land of their choice.
3rd. Resolved, that we hope the Mexican Nation will draw a just line of distinction between the honest, industrious and peaceable American emigrants, and those of bad character, whom we consider as refugees, and fugitives from justice, who have raised the flag of 'Independence' at Nacogdoches, but with them have spread confusion, robberies, oppression, and even bloodshed: that we look upon the ring-leaders of that party with contempt and disgust, and that they are unworthy the
character of Americans.
4th. Resolved, that we feel every sentiment of gratitude toward our fellow citizen and brother His Excellency the Political Chief and the officers and men with him for their indefatigable exertions by forced marches &c. to allay, suppress, and bring to condign punishment those persons who may be found guilty of treason against this Government; and to establish subordination, good order and tranquility.
5th. Resolved, that the Chairman and Secretary sign the foregoing resolutions, and transmit the same to Col. Stephen F. Austin and that he be requested to translate them, and submit them to His Excellency the Political Chief.
Done at the Labaca, Station in Dewitt's Colony this 27th day of January 1827.
James Norton, Secretary [Rubric] Byrd Lockhart, Chairman

AFFIDAVITS ON SEIZURES BY DELEON.  Feb 1827 This is to certify that the gun of mine, Siezed by Martin Delion and don Moncholes Was a Rifle---plain Stock---brass mounting---middle Sise in the Single trigger---Said gun was in good Order, and not long before the Same was siesed I paid twenty-five dollars in Cash for hir, to Squire Kinny---that Said gun has not been returned to me or any person for me. Given under my hand the second day of february 1827. Signed by HENREY S. POLLARD Witness JAMES KERR I certify that Martin Delion, and don Moncholes when at the Station on the Lavaca in nov. last Siezed and caused to be taken away two Rifle Guns of mine, One of which have been returned, and the other has not: that the one not returned, was of the following description---plain Stock Iron Mountain 45 or nearly Balls to the pound, single trigger.---first rate water-lock---Said Gun Cost me twenty-Six dollars in the State of Missouri, and that I would not have taken any thing less than---$30 in Cash for hir---Given under hand 24th february 1827 ARTHUR BURNS Witness JAMES KERR I believe that full faith and Credit is due and aught to be given to the above Certificates JAMES KERR

JAMES KERR TO AUSTIN.  Station of the Labaca  24th. fbuary 1827 Colo S. F. Austin SIR, I have to complain (through you) to his Excellency the Political Chief of Martin Delion and Don Mancholes (Viz) that they have not returned to me, nor to any person for me, the within described gun, according to the order of his Excellency, and that I therefore pray to be remunerated with the price of the same $30.00 and also the damages done to my own two guns which have been returned, as pr. within Cert 9.00 I hope you will oblige me to lay this before his Excellency etc that I may have restitution made to me by the said Delion and mancholes JAMES KERR Collorado District January 30th 1827

We the subscribed Do certify that the gun that Mr James kerr Borowed of Clarissa Griffen was.---New and complete in all parts and that the price was thirty Dollars cash said Gun was small Bore walnut stock Iron Mounting and Double triggers Given under our hands JNO ANDREWS, JAMES CUMMINS [Rubric]

I do hereby certify that the above gun was by me taken to the station on the Labaca, and that it was---with other guns siezed and taken away by Martin Delion and Moncholes---and that it has not been returned agreeable to the order of the Political Chief. Given under my hand this 30th. day of January 1827. JAMES KERR Dewitt's Colony Labaca Station---

I hereby certify that, Martin Delion and moncholes in Nov. last siezed and caused to be taken away two Rifle Guns besides the one above discribed by John Andrews and James Cummins: that the same two guns have been returnd but damaged (viz)  The Cock of 1 of the locks broek and cost me one Dollar fifty cts--1.50
Screw part of same lost -------------------------------------------1.00
The other gun stock broke ----------------------------------------5.00
Tumble of the lock broke -----------------------------------------1.00
Thimble rod and socket end of wipers lost --------------------------.50
24th feby. 1827 JAMES KERR

JAMES KERR TO AUSTIN.  Station on the Labaca 26th, febuary 1827 DEAR SIR I am sorry to be the herrold of bad news---Baptist Lacount came here 2 days since who states that a very large band of Comanches, and Wechoes, had attacked Cahoe's party of the lepans, and nearly all the tonkowas, on the San Marcos rio about 9 miles above the Town of Gonzalez---that the lepans and tonkowas were whiped with the loss of 5 or 600 horses, and that they retreated down the river---some of them (the lepans) are now at Delions---the fort at Gonzales was not finished, and what few men was there were in greate danger---some of them talked of leaving the place. another defeat in attempting to settle the Sn Marks if not already, will soon take place. Inclosed you will have some certificates---I have call'd on the Colo. to make out certificates relative to . . . guns, and those that were in his charg, but [he has] not done so. The people here seeme industrious, and are useing much exertions to plant corn etc they are all in good health. They are anxious that the Colo. should appoint some person as an agent in fact to manage his business---think of this---and perhaps you had better write to him We have had a great [d]eal of rain; so much that we can not plant: JAMES KERR Note Please write to me by the first opportunity [Addressed:] Colo. S. Austin San felipe de Austin Care of Major Philips Colorado 26th February Capt Lockhart has just came from Gonzales and [states] that, he quit surveying and joined the settlers and assisted in building the fort---that they resolved to keep the place etc and that they [are] planting corn there. He will return tomorrow. Could a small piece of arteary [artillery] be obtained. from the Govt. it would no doubt be of great utility to that place---would be glad if you would mention this to His Excellency the Chief of the Department. JAMES KERR

GREEN DEWITT TO AUSTIN.  Station at Labaca April 3rd 1827 DR SIR I am happy to hear of your return and hope your visit to Nacogdoches has, and will result in much good to the Country. We have lately had 2 visits to our station of the Coronkawases; the first part had six, and the [second] twelve in number, they professed great friendship to us and actually had it in their power to have killed several of our people, as they came up to the station; for they found one man and 2 boys 10 miles below here at work, and actually were in their camp in a manner---before they were discovered; a few miles above that they came to another labor in like manner where there were a man and a woman; and hurt no one but I am of opinion that they are only waiting a good opportunity to make a break on our settlement, therefore we are constantly upon our Guard; and so soon as we get our corn planted we will try to be ready for them, and are determined that they must not come amongst us---for since we have heard of the late murders in your colony it is more than Americans can bear to suffer them to come under the coulor of friendship when their hands are yet reeking with the blood of Inosent women and children; and as we expect a campaign against them from your quarter, I have thought it most advisable to keep peace with them if possible untill that time; and being advised of the time we can have it in our power to know where they are and can give you 15 or 20 good brave men to assist in cuting them entirely off. and If a Campaign is intended please to let me know that I may know how to act. Mr. Kerr is at la Bahia, but looked for every hour. I had news from Gonzales yesterday 2 Blockhouses are well built and now under the Command of Mr. Byrd Lockhart; all are in peace at that place; and no Indian sign near that is known of. Mr Monchola has not sent the ballance of my guns to me and the individuals who own them, altho he has been ordered to do so and it is greatly to the hurt of the owners as they want them to hunt their meat as well as to guard themselves with. Please write me and give me the news, as Mr Kerr and myself are both anxious to hear from the N Eastward and S westward,---G DEWITT [Rubric] Col Stephen F Austin P. S. Give the earliest notice you can if a campaign is intended against the Corronks, that we may have time to prepare to Join you. G.D. [Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin San Felipe de Austin Brassos per Capt Russell

TREATY WITH THE KARANKAWA INDIANS.  Es Copia. Bahia de Esptu Santo Mayo 13 de 1827.  Sello Cuarto Una Cuartilla Para los anos de mil ochocientos veinte y seis y ochocientos veinte y siete. En la Villa de Guadalupe de Jeses Victoria a los trece dias del mes de Mayo de mil ochocientos veinte y siete reunidos en la plaza municipal el Exmo Sor Comandle gral. de estos estados Ciudadano Anastasio Bustamante, el Ciudadano Alcalde de esta Villa Martin de Leon, el procurador Cuidadano Manl Becerra, el Reverendo etc. Fr. Miguel Muro Mntro. encargado de la Mision de los Carancahuases, el Br Jose Antonio Valdez, Cura de este partido, el Ciudadano Green DeWitt empresario de la Colonia de su nombre, el Ciudadano James Kerr por la misma, el Ciudadano Jocobo Betts representante por la colonia del Cuidno Felipe Estevan Austin, y el Srio, de esta comandancia gral Ciudadano Corl Jose Marno Guerra, manifesto dho Sor Gral. que el unico, objecto de su venida a este punto havia sido el de poner termino a las destructoras hostilidades que mutuamente se estaban haciendo los habitantes de la Colonia del Cuidno Austin y los Yndios que havitan estas costas; y q. para solo este fin havia solicitado a los Capitanes Antonito, Delgado, el apericado y el Ilamado Soldado todos de la tribu Carancahuaz por ser los que con mas frecuencia se aproximan a dha Colonia, y porque ellos pueden con mas facilidad contener i los llamados Cocos que segun las noticias adquiridas son los que mas hostilidades han cometido en la referida Colonia: impuesto todos los concurrentes de tan interesante objeto y persuadidos de la necesidad de que reyne en este Departamto la paz y la harmonia entre todos sus havitantes ya sean Yndios o extrangeros despues de la competente discusion acordaron los articulos siguientes.
1---Queda vigente el convenio de paz celebrado en veinte y dos de Septe de mil ochocientos veinte y cuatro.
2---El limite del Rio de Guadalupe que expresa el articulo 2 de dho convenio se extiende ahora hta el arroyo de la vaca.
3---El Capitan Antoflito queda nombrado Gefe de los Carancahuaces y Cocos comprometiendose a reducir a la paz y al orden a los que hacen la guerra a la colonia de Austin valiendose de la persuasion o a abandonarlos a su suerte, en caso de que no ceden, pa q sean perseguidos por las tropas Mejicanas y naciones de las Colonias. hostilizadas, auxiliando a unas y a otras en lo que puedan.
4---Para que dho. Capitan Antonito y los que lo acompaiian no sufran hostilidades por parte de los Colonos Americanos Ilevara el correspondiente pasaporte cuando valla a hablarles a los Cocos sobre el objeto de este tratado o a cualesquiera otro negocio, a cuyo fin el Ciudno Estevan Austin podra poner el numero competente en poder del Comand de la Bahia cuando este lo pida.
5----La muger y los ninos que se hallan prisioneros en la Villa de Austin permaneceran alli hasta que el Gefe de aquella colonia y los Ciudadanos agraviados queden satisfechos de haverse reducido al orden los indios que ha sobrevivido a las hostilidades ratificandose este tratado por los Capitanes ausentes a los q se solicitara con todo el empeno posible.
6---Los Carancahuaces prometen guardar paz y armonia no solo con los Mejicanos con quienes la han guardado, constantemente sino con todos los colonos Americanos haciendose responsable hta. donde pueda el expresado Antonito; y todo Carancahuaz q hostilize de manera alga al Americano de cualquiera colonia sera castigado con proporcion a su falta como lo devera ser igualmente todo Americano q dane a los Caraneahuazes.
7---Todas las familias Americanas q arriben a algun pto. de la Costa con el objeto de colonizar seran respetados por los Carancahuazes pero daran aviso precisamte al Comandte de la Bahia de todos los desembareos que observen.
8---Que sin embargo que se cree con fundamento, q el Gefe de la Colonia dicha convendra con este acuerdo se le remitira para su ratificacion y exacto cumplimto por su. Parte.
Y haviendo convenido unanimamente en todos los artos antecedentes los ciudadanos espresados lo firmaron con el infrascripto Secretario---Anastacio Bustamante---Martin de Leon---Manuel Becerra---Fr. Miguel Muro---A ruego de Antonito y demas Capitanes Carancahuazes Fernando de Leon---Br Jose Antonio Valdez---Green DeWitt---James Kerr---Jacob Betts---Estevan F. Austin---Jose Mariano Guerra-Secretario.  Es Copia. Bahia de Esptu Santo Mayo 13 de 1827.  Jos Marno. Guerra [Rubric]

BYRD LOCKHART TO AUSTIN.  Lavaca 3d June 1827 To S. F. AUSTI.N Esqr Empresario of the Colony of his name consisting of three hundred families and also of a new Colony of five hundred families in the Department of Texas Byrd Lockhart late of the State of Missouri United States of the North, represents: That being desirous to settle himself in this department; to cultivate the Earth by agricultureal pursuit and also to introduce stock and promote the raising and multiplication thereof---He therefore, Petitions you to reserve one League of land for him situated on the East side of the Rio La Vaca; and it being the second League below the one Surveyed by Mr. James Kert for Robert Guthrie---Your Petitioner is aware that the above League is within the ten litteral Leagues reserved by the Government, but lie is under the impression that you will shortly be authorized to settle Said reserve, in which case your petitioner hopes you will permit him to occupy, improve and cultivate said League agreeable to the provisions of the Colonization Law. Your petitioner further represents that lie has several relations and friends who are desirous to emigrate to this Department and who he believes are honest and industrious Citizens: and as the only convenient way for them to remove their families and effects to the Country is by water, they will necessarily bring a years provisions with them.---It is obvious therefore that they will for a while be confined near the ship landing and in order to facilitate them in the ardious undertaking of migrating hither your petitioner prays that you will be pleased to permit him to select one League of land on the Navidad and opposite or nearly so to Mr. Kerr's League on the La Vaca for the purpose of making a dense and Strong Settlement by dividing said League of Land among Said Emigrants:---And your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray BYRD LOCKHART Lavaca 3d June 1827 It gives us pleasure to state that we have long been acquainted with the above petitioner Capt Byrd Lockhart; that his character has ever been that of a Gentleman in the first circles: he has always been remarkable for his industry, perseverance, and integrity.---Should it be in the power of Col. Austin to admit his petition we feel no hesitation in saying that the Colonel will find the petitioner to be a man of the utmost utility in forming a new Settlement and a valuable Citizen also to furnish to us a neighbor with whom we shall all find pleasure. GREEN DEWITT [Rubric] JAMES KERR La Vaca 4th June 1827

THOMAS POWELL TO AUSTIN.  La Baca Station 24th, Octo. 1827 Colo STEPHEN F. AUSTIN DR. SIR, I presume that you will recollect of my addressing you last spring from New Orleans by General Fullerton on the subject of my missfortune in this cuntry about twelve months since---I have again arrived in the cuntry with a view of making it my future residence, I arrived in the Bay in July last, and with much difficulty I compleated the transportation of my property to this station about the 15th August, and have a second time reported myself a settler of the cuntry, and I did expect on my arrival here that I should have been in Saltillo before this time but since I have been in the Cuntry I have been unable to attend to any business whatever, two days after my arrival at this place a rising commenced in my right hand and I presume that I have had the worst hand that you ever saw, for three months entirely deprived of the use of it, and at this time very sore and scarcely can use it at all. I shall endeavor to be in Saltillo as soon as I possibly can, but there appears to be every obsticle thrown in my way to prevent my seeking any kind of satisfaction or the recovery of any part of my property that I was robbed of last year on my arrival in the cuntry, on the 13th, August last I addressed a note to his Excellency the political chief at San Antonio, by whose order I am informed my property was seized last year, that I should visit San Antonio very soon to make a demand of my property seized by his order, which I presume somewhat irritated him, and in a few days after this his Excellency issued an order to Green Dewitt Empresario of the Colony to have this place evacuated and all the colonists removed to Gonzales within thirty days from the receipt of the Order, which order was received here on the 10th of September, at a time when the crops of the Inhabitants were all standing in the Fields and myself at least 20 waggon Loads of property stored here, and not a waggon and team in the place to take away a single article, as all the waggons belonging to the place were then on a trip to San Antonio with a parcel of goods brought by some Gentlemen that came in the same vessel with me and the waggons could not possibly get back untill the time had nearly expired. I hired a man and Horse and sent him over to the Colorado to procure me all the waggons he could possibly get, I also sent to the Brasses and all the Teams that I could procure was three small waggons that could take only about 1000 lbs each, and has made one trip to San Antone and returned yesterday, and one of them has taken a Load back, and God only knows when I shall get my property away. a few days after the reception of the Order Issued by his Excellency Mr James Kerr arrived from the Brasses and the people finding it impossible to remove their property and to evacuate by the time stipulated, and to leave their corn standing in the Fields that starvation must be the result. the people were called together, and a peti[ti]on drawn up and signed by the same and myself, begging for longer indulgence to remove their effects and I myself drew up one individually and beged farther indulgence to remove my property, and Mr Kerr dispatched immediately to San Antone with the papers, and was detained there much longer than necessary and returned only a few days before the time expired, and did succeed in geting the time lenghtened untill the first day of December, at that time we are Ordered to evacuate the place, and unless that I can procure waggons I find that it will be impossible for me to remove my property by that time, Consequently it must be at their mercy and will to consume it as they please, as we are threatened in case we do not evacuate the place that we shall be moved by force-it appears that there is nothing but oppression in this part of the Cuntry and every thing appears to be done to inipede me in the progress of my business and in order to dispute the people so that I may not obtain any proof of my treatment last year, and to drive the Americans from the cuntry, after their invitation to them to colonise the same, this Order of his Excellency Ordering the Inhabitants to evacuate the place immediately I think a most unjustifiable thing and breaths nothing but oppression. the people have made considerable improvements at the place, and I myself have a warehouse built for the reception of property coming to the Cuntry, and now without even having assertained that they are on the reserved Lands as there has never been any line run to assertain that fact, they are Ordered to evacuate the same---It will be a very hard case indeed that the colonists should loose their improvments, as they were entered into with the Empresario of the Government, if the Empresario has erred it is not just that individuals should suffer, as the Law guarantees the contracts made by their Empresarios, consequently they should be payed for their improvments---By the Colonisation Laws if I have any understanding at all this station is not within six Leages of the reserved Lands---in the unsettled state of affairs at this time I have determined that I will remove to San Antone for the present and so soon as I may effect my removal I shall proceed immediately to Saltillo to make some demand for my property taken from me last year unjustifyably---I emigrated to the cuntry being invited by the Laws of the Land to settle myself for life in a climate more congenial to my constitution than that of my native cuntry, and brought with me my property and including freight, Insurance, Waggonage and other contingent expences, will amount to between $7000 & 8000 at cost, the whole of which has been taken from me by the officers of the Government, except $141---which I received in the Bay for a few articles sold and not only my property taken from me but I was actually driven from the cuntry by an armed force---I expected that I should have been admited into the cuntry as other Emigrants, and agreable to the Laws, and on my arrival in the Bay I immediately reported myself to Green Dewitt Empresario of the Colony, and stated my intention of becoming an inhabitant of the cuntry, and obtained his permission to Land my property and select any Lands in the Colony, and under the Colonisation Laws I presumed that myself and property was perfectly safe, but I was wofully deceived---I have been kept out of my property now twelve months and in a state of sufferance during that time not knowing what to do---I have every document to prove my claim but am afraid to send them on for fear that they should get lost, but I shall bring them myself when I come, I ask of the Government full payment for my property with damages and all expences that has accrued on the same---I should be pleased to have some report on this business before I start for Saltillo, in case any thing should be wanting in order that I may procure any document that may be wanting, and as to my character I have as good references as any man that ever came to the cuntry---I should be pleased to get, to Saltillo, before you leave that place, but I am afraid that it will be impossible---you will please do me the singular favor of having this translated and Laid before the Government, and whatever expence you may be at shall be repaid to you on sight I wish the Government distinctly to understand that I came to the cuntry as a gentleman and an honest man, and not as an imposture or swindler, and to respect the Laws of the cuntry as far as I can understand---them if I have or should deviate from them, it will be through ignorance and the wrong information of others. let me beg your attention to this business--- THOMAS POWELL [Rubric]

J. ANTONIO PADILLA TO AUSTIN.  Salto. 9. de Febo. de 1828. SR. D. ESTEBAN F. AUSTIN MI ESTIMADO AMIGO Y DUENO: He leido con mucha detencion su apreciable de V. de 13. del pasado en que me informa detalladaralo, do los sucesos de Powel, Dewitt, y Kerr en materias de contrabando de tabaco, y malas consecuencias que M producido la conducta do las autoridades que han manejado estos asuntos. Toda la carta de V. he leido al Sr. Gobor quien ha quedado espantado de las ocurrencias descritas en ella: me hk dicho que acordaria tomar las providencias convenientes para la vindicacion de los dros [derechos] hollados delas personas interesadas, y castigo de los culpados: la mucha ocupacion dela sria en la ultima semana no dio, lugar pa estenderlas orns [ordenes] con presencia de los antecedentes: pero yo hare un lugar pa este asimto. El del papel sellado pa el uso do esa Colonia y demas segun el art. 32 de la ley de colonizacion, se qe. esta concluido favorablemte on el congreso, pero como no se paso a esta sria no puede ser circulado. Un hermano mio nombrado Vicente Padilla, sugeto de honrades y conducta me ha prevenido recomendarlo a V. como hombre de bien, y desea obtener su favor pa con algunos de sus amigos de V. en que se le favoresca con un surtido de una memorita al credito a plazo regular para hacer algun negocio en los puntos privilegiados de Monclova y Rio Grande. Si fuera adoptable su peticion espero de la bondad de V. se sirva instruirme de todo pa en caso favorable a sus intenciones emprender su viage al punto mas conveniente. Nada ocurre de particular en esta villa que poder a V. comunicar.  J. ANTONIO PADILLA [Rubric]

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