Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas

Santa Anna ca. age 35 (San Jacinto by Wharton)

Antonio Santa Anna

General Santa Anna

Santa Anna ca. age 55

Antonio Lopez Santa Anna ca 1860

This month---Antonio López de Santa Anna

".....However he may have been condemned by parties, his career formed a brilliant and important portion of the History of Mexico, and future historians will differ in their judgment of his merits. General Santa Anna outlived his usefulness and ambition....Peace to his ashes."--Obituary 1876

Contemporary 1847 view by Fay Robinson

Eyewitness accounts of his capture at San Jacinto

Captivity in Texas

The single most influential figure in the fate of Mexico and Texas

Composite embodiment of 19th century Mexico

Fought more battles than Napoleon and George Washington combined, eleven times President and Dictator of the second largest country in the world prior to 1836, captured by Texians at San Jacinto in 1836, presided over the eventual loss of half of Mexican territory to the US of the North, released to become President and Dictator of Mexico 7 more times over 40 more years, periodically exiled for a total of 20 years.

"......I threw up my cap for liberty….soon found the folly of it. A hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty. They do not know what it is, unenlightened as they are, and under the influence of a Catholic clergy, a despotism is the proper government for them, but there is no reason why it should not be a wise and virtuous one."---to Joel Poinsett 1836

..... visiting the shrine of Guadalupe.....An abbe led him up to the high altar, opened the glass door and allowed him to kiss the sacred picture. Turning he surveyed this famous nave where in former days he had so often walked in splendor, with no less than a mitred Archbishop escorting him on the occasion of a victory imagined or real, on his Saint's day, on the anniversary of the loss of his leg, on the parade of the Order of Guadalupe that time when he had sat so regally on a dais....Finally, laboriously toiling down the steps, he hobbled out the door just an old man with a wooden leg.  His ills increased, his eyesight failed and complete senility set in...... he died penniless on June the 21st, 1876. Forty coaches followed him to a modest tomb in Guadalupe cemetery--From Santa Anna:  The Napoleon of the West by Frank C. Hanighen


Coahuila y Tejas

La Colonia de DeWitt
de Coahuila y Tejas
Republica Federal de Mejico

The Lone Star


Empresario Greene DeWitt"Art. 1. All Foreigners, virtue of the general law of 1824...which guarantees the security of their persons and property in the territory of the Mexican Nation, wish to remove to any of the settlements of the state of Coahuila y Tejas are at liberty to do so; and the said State invites and calls them."--Mexican Law 1824

Parts of Caldwell, Comal, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Jackson, Lavaca, Victoria and Wilson Counties

Map Mexico 1824"beginning at the right bank of Arroyo de la Vaca at a distance of the reserved ten leagues from the coast, adjoining the colony of Stephen Austin on the east, the line shall go up the river to the Bejar-Nacogdoches road; it shall follow this road until it reaches a point two leagues to the west of Guadalupe River; thence it shall run parallel with the river down to the Paraje de las Mosquitos; and following the inner edge of the ten league coast reservation, it shall close the boundaries of the grant at the point of the beginning."