Excavations at the Alamo Shrine [page iii]
The excavations in front of the Alamo could not have been accomplished in the short time allowed without the full cooperation and hard work provided by the project staff and numerous volunteers. There were also many other people who aided the project in various ways. The author expresses his sincere appreciation to the following individuals who gave their time and otherwise provided valuable assistance, all of whom contributed to the success of the project. Should anyone be omitted the author extends his apology. The generous financial support provided by the Texas Historical Commission to aid in publication costs is gratefully appreciated.


Waynne Cox
Fred Valdez, Jr.

Cristi Assad
Stephen Black
Andrea Gerstle
Edwin Harris
James Ivey
Jules Jaquier
Robert Patton
John Saunders
Elaine Saunders

Research Assistance
Anne Fox, UTSA Eugene
George, AIA, Architect
Charles Long, Alamo Museum
Sam Nesmith, Institute of Texan Cultures
Curtis Tunnell, State Archeologist
Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Manuscript Preparation
Carol Graves
Susan Rodriguez
Mary Lou Ellis
Elizabeth J. Goode
Carmel Y. Graham
Thomas R. Hester

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