Subject: Three Roads to The Alamo
Date: 03/09/99
From: Dwight C. McLemore

Kudos to Davis on his remarkable effort. His gloomy portrayal of the events of March 6 brought me closer to what those men actually must have felt. The cold, the fatigue,and hopelessness of the situation are all there. Great job! A milestone!

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Subject: New Orleans Greys flag
Date: 03/10/99
From: Brian Huberman

Does anyone have any knowledge about an attempted theft of the New Orleans Greys flag from Chapultepec Castle about ten years ago? In speaking to an official of the National Museum of History in Mexico City I was told that the American Embassy in Mexico tipped off the museum that some "Texan fundamentalists" had a plot to steal the flag. I'm a little surprised at the negative comments expressed during the Alamo Society meeting about the quality of the restoration of the banner. The remnants of silk were pieced together in the sixties by two women, Carmen Velasco Abrego and María de la Luz Peredo de Vasquez. I handled & photographed the flag in 1971 and it appeared to have been professionally reconstructed. Surely, if but one thread of the original remains in the weave then it is enough.

Brian Huberman
Rice University

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Subject: Alamo Dioramas
Date: 03/11/99
From: Jeff Pendleton

I love the different dioramas at the Alamo, but why are they so different? Are they made by different people representing different opinions? The large diorama in the Alamo gift store is especially detailed. Perhaps too,too detailed. Was there really that much vegetation inside the fort? If not how much was there? The horses corralled right in front of the long barracks seems like a really bad idea and the birchbark canoe kinda out of place.

Jeff Pendleton
Dublin, Texas

Subject:New Orleans Grey Flag
Date: 03/12/99
From: Lee Spencer-White

I have heard and read several comments about the New Orleans Greys flag being restored. All I can say is in 1979 I saw the flag in shreds in a museum in Mexico City. It was not restored at that time which goes against what others seem to think.........All I can say is I personally saw the flag! It was bits of fabric and faded to a muslin color. It was clearly labled as the New Orleans Grey flag and one could see, it was the New Orleans Greys flag by a few broken legible words.

Lee Spencer-White

Subject:New Orleans Grays Flag
Date: 03/13/99
From: Thomas R. Kailbourn

I wonder if people are reporting two different New Orleans Grays banners at Museo Nacional de Historia, Chapultepec? Because I saw the flag in December 1975 and was impressed with the quality of its restoration, considering that it had long been in tatters. The flag was in its own glass case and was clearly a respected trophy of war.

Thomas R. Kailbourn
Wellsville, NY


Date: 03/15/99
From: Gil Gillam

I read with interest your belief that Bonham was in the Alamo only three days. I assume you are basing that on Tom Lindley's 1988 Alamo Journal article on Bonham. The theory that Bonham did not return to the Alamo after his mid-February visit to Fannin must assume that the account of Dr. John Sutherland is bogus for he has Bonham returning to the Alamo on the 23rd. I know Lindley and others have serious questions about the validity of the Sutherland account. My question is—what additional evidence are you aware of that Bonham never returned to the Alamo after meeting with Fannin until March 3rd?

Gil Gillam
Longview, Texas

Subject:New Orleans Greys flag
Date: 03/18/99
From: Ed Miller

My comments concerning the Greys flag during the Alamo Society meeting were simple. My point in questioning the condition of the flag has been echoed by others. My concerns were intended to be honest, not "negative." The fragile condition of the flag, with it being moved around over the years, does bring up legitimate concerns about it ever being returned. I also said if it ever was returned it should rest at the Alamo.

Ed Miller
San Antonio, Texas


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