Establishment of the Hospital
at Mission San Antonio de Valero

October-November 10, 1805

G[overnor of] T[exas]

In official letter n[umbe]r 51 dated October 19 last, Y[our] L[ordship] reports that in order to attend the individuals of the troop who happen to be sick in the prov[inc]e, Y[our] L[ordship] repaired a half-ruined room of the secularized mission of Balero. [Your Lordship] has made arrangements for the doctor of surgery and medicine whom the bishop of Monterrey left there to take charge of the attendance. Y[our] L[ordship] adds that, due to this provision, the only burden resulting for the same troops is that the daily salary for the doctor has been increased from a real and a half per day to two r[eale]s , and the payment for the medicines. For this reason Y[our] L[ordship] request that the amount of the latter be paid from the fund of the Royal Tre[asu]ry.

I have been apprised of everything, and I am aware of the fact that the recuperation of the sick troops is one of the most serious and most commendable matters, and one which should receive the greatest attention. I have determined, therefore, that, inasmuch as the exact expenses have been assigned and approved for the subsistence of the military hospital of the province of Coahuila, and since its establishment has not yet been carried out, Y[our] L[ordship] shall authorize, provisionally and for the time being, the establishment in any house or other kind of building, even though it may be necessary to repair it, of a hospital intended for the care of the existing troops 2 in that province, adapting this resolution to the [p.183] present circumstances, and under the plan which follows.

Inasmuch as the surgeon appointed for the said hospital of Coahuila is ill in this town, and unable to travel to serve in his capacity, the one whom, the bishop of Monterrey left there shall be paid the salary of sixty pesos per month as allotted in the respective rules and regulations of the same hospital for the office of pharmacist, which has not yet been provided for. It shall be the duty of the same doctor to prepare the medicines which the troop will need. For this work and for the attendance and doctoring [of patients] he shall not demand any remuneration or stipend whatever.

Even though in the stated rules and regulations the office of majordomo is prescribed, this appointment shall be omitted. Y[our] L[ordship] shall appoint for the fulfillment of this duties a trusted sergeant or corporal.

The positions of [male] nurse, porter, and cook, -- the first to be paid six pesos per month and each of the last two, three pesos, -- can be filled at once. Y[our] L[ordship] shall see to it that apt subjects are employed for that service.

In regard to the fact that soldiers should pay two r[eale]s for each day which they spend in the hospital, and since Y[our] L[ordship] states that this amount has been used to purchase food for the patients up to 3 the present, and to pay for a servant, I [hereby] instruct Y[our] L[ordship] that the Sergeant or corporal who shall be entrusted with the duties of the administration, should continue the same method established [p.184] keeping account of what he receives as payments by the troop and of what he spends in order that, once its expenditure has been justified, the respective charge may be made to the interested parties. This account is to be prepared monthly, economizing on the expenditures for servants because those of the regular allotment will suffice.

The cost of the medicines which Y[our] L[ordship] asked for from the governor of Monterrey will be satisfied by the Royal Treasury; but, in order that this payment may be made thus, Y[our] L[ordship] shall forward the respective bill to the secretary of the treasury of Saltillo, to whom, by the channel of the intendancy of San Luis Potosi, I am communicating today the order for fulfillment in the part which pertains to him.

By virtue of it also the aforesaid secretary shall endorse the pharmacist's salary assigned to that surgeon, and the salaries of the nurse, porter, and cook, presented in that office with Y[our] L[ordship's] approval [and with] the corresponding receipts.

The need of the sick troop is take care of in this manner 4 with as much equity as the circumstances permit; but I warn Y[our] L[ordship] to impress upon the employees who may be appointed that their positions are temporary and for the present only.

[May] God gu[ar]d Y[our] L[ordship] m[an]y y[ear]s, [ p.185]

Chihuahua, Nov[embe]r 2, 1805
Nemesio Salcedo


D[o]n] Antonio Cordero[LS]

Source: Spanish Archives, Vol. 8. Department of Archives, University of Texas at Austin.Translated by J. Villasana Haggard, 1937.
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